Digital Boyfriends Better Than Humans, Gamer Gals Say by Michael Kaplan

Digital Boyfriends Better Than Humans, Gamer Gals Say by Michael Kaplan

I just did a post on here a couple days ago about a guy who says he had a female cockroach as a girlfriend, and he finds roaches more attractive than human women.

(Link): Digital Boyfriends Better Than Humans, Gamer Gals Say

Technology has contributed to making everything from taxi-cabs to bookstores to snail-mail all but outmoded. Joining innovations that include Uber, Amazon and email is a China-based mobile game called “Love and Producer.”

These iconic but artificial men (including a steely CEO, a lovable pop star, a brainy scientist and a super-powered policeman) have the potential to make real-world boyfriends obsolete and so last millennium, (Link): according to Wired.

“Love and Producer” offers high-tech beaus who are programmed to radiate ultra-desirable attributes that can be tough to find in human males. “The men in the game are more attractive than real boyfriends,” a smitten participant told Wired. “They’re very attractive. They’re generally into more feelings and emotions.”

The game centers on participants “producing” TV shows, but the real draws are the love interests that develop.

Female players instantly responded to the romantic components of this game that launched in December 2017.

… In China, where stigmas have long been attached to women being single into their 30s, “Love and Producer” may provide a happy medium between having a flesh-and-blood boyfriend and being unattached by choice.


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