What Divorce Lawyers Really Think About The Concept Of Soulmates by K. Borresen

(Link): What Divorce Lawyers Really Think About The Concept Of Soulmates By Kelsey Borresen


They’re not all as pessimistic about love as you might assume.

We asked divorce attorneys if they believe in the concept of soulmates, how they define the term, and how their personal and professional lives have influenced those beliefs. Here’s what they told us:

People can have multiple soulmates throughout their lives.

“I do not think soulmates are preordained or that there’s only one soulmate per person. But I do think there are people that are absolutely perfect for each other. I just don’t think everyone finds that person or any of the few that may be their perfect soulmate.

Being a divorce lawyer could make me very cynical. It has done the opposite. It gives me faith in humanity and faith that people can go through terrible situations and still rebound and find love and happiness. I am an eternal optimist. Given what I do, it is a job requirement.”
—Randy Kessler, founding partner at Kessler and Solomiany in Atlanta

….Soulmates exist, but they don’t necessarily stay in your life forever.

“It is possible to find and marry a soulmate. But it may be that a having a ‘soulmate’ is a temporal thing. Shared values and common interests are what bring a couple together. But people evolve. Needs, wants and desires all change over time. Without nurturing the relationship and communicating, instead of evolving together, couples grow apart and yesteryear’s soulmate becomes a resented stranger.”
— Daniel E. Clement, a divorce and family law attorney in New York City

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