Some Muslims Don’t Know or Care about American Liberal Intersectionalism

Some Muslims Don’t Know or Care about American Liberal Intersectionalism

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I found (Link): this tweet today. It’s from a British paper.

The text above the tweet reads:

“Muslim parents’ protest against school teaching equality lessons on homosexuality grows”

Muslim parents are angry because some school wants to teach “equality for homosexuals” in a school there. The parents say this goes against their Muslim faith.

Here is a quote from that article (link is below):

She [a Muslim mother who has a child at the school in question] told BirminghamLive: ‘It’s inappropriate, totally wrong. Children are being told it’s OK to be gay, yet 98 per cent of children at this school are Muslim. It’s a Muslim community.’
/// end quote ///

The hypocrisy and irony abounds.

Liberals like to (Link): classify their favorite pet groups in a hierarchy of protection, favoritism, and loyalty.

American liberals are obsessed with “intersectionalism,” in which Muslims are, at this point, in the liberal hierarchy, probably the number-one most protected group of theirs, followed by LGBT, then women (with “women of color” taking precedence over white women – liberals claim to be feminist, but they often take every opportunity to revile, scapegoat, demonize, and (Link): encourage hatred of white women).

Any time a Mulism hurts, insults, or murders a homosexual or a woman, American liberals, whether they are Christian progressives or secularists, will never say anything about it.

Progressive Christians and secular liberals refuse to acknowledge that sexism and anti-homosexuality runs rampant among a lot of Islam, not just within some branches of American Christianity.

Liberals who are obsessed with Intersectionalism, and pitting one group against another, always, always want to depict secular and religious conservatives as being evil, heartless, and bigoted.

However, these same progressives sit around routinely pointing out every infraction against their favored pet groups, whether real or imagined,  and no matter how trivial, on their social media and in odious, hypocritical liberal Christian online communities, such as (Link): the Facebook group  SCCL (“Stuff Christian Culture Likes)”.

Will Stephanie Drury, owner of  SCCL, for instance, ever post something (Link): like this to her group, or even on her social media, or start a new group examining the sexism and anti-homosexuality of Muslims? Probably not.

Because she, like many of her group, are (Link): more beholden to upholding her Liberal Political Orthodoxy than in actually being honest, fair, and consistent, even if and when it means tossing her feminism or pro-LGBT attitudes aside to ignore sexism or anti-LGBT attitudes when committed by Muslims.

Link to the article featured in the tweet:

(Link): Muslim parents’ protest against school teaching equality lessons on homosexuality grows

by James Hockaday

Feb 2019

Protests have now been rumbling for weeks outside a primary school over a gay running LGBTQ equality lessons.

Angry parents, who have been protesting since the end of last month, claim they have not consented to their children receiving the lessons as part of the No Outsiders project run by Andrew Moffat.

The assistant headteacher at Parkfield Community School in the predominately Muslim Alum Rock area of Birmingham, was awarded an MBE for his efforts to educate children about equality.

Mums and dads have been seen outside waving placards with emotive messages including ‘exploiting children’s innocence’ and ‘education not indoctrination’. Concerned parent Fatima Shah says she has taken her 10-year-old daughter out of the school over the lessons.

She [Muslim mother who has a child at the school in question] told BirminghamLive: ‘It’s inappropriate, totally wrong. Children are being told it’s OK to be gay, yet 98 per cent of children at this school are Muslim. It’s a Muslim community.’

—Update: February 28, 2019 —

(Link): Hundreds of Muslim parents to take kids out of school in protest against ‘gay lessons’

HUNDREDS of Muslim parents will take their children out of school on Friday to step up their protests against “gay lessons”.

They have accused gay assistant head Andrew Moffat of promoting homosexuality and LGBT issues without their consent.

Three hundreds kids and parents recently protested outside the gates of the Parkfield Community School in Birmingham waving banners saying “Exploiting Children’s Innocence”.

Mums and dads have been taking their children out of lessons for periods ranging from 20 minutes to an hour to show their opposition to Mr Moffat stance on the curriculum.

But organisers say at least 450 children will be taken out of school for the whole day tomorrow with more school-gates protests planned.

Mr Moffat was awarded the MBE for campaigning against homophobia and has piloted a reading programme called No Outsiders.

It means 470 pupils at the predominantly Muslim school are read stories including Mommy,Mama and Me and King and King.

But some parents say they would rather leave the UK than have their kids taught such lessons.

Mum of three Fatima Shah, 29, said:”It’s totally wrong.Children are being told it’s OK to be gay yet 98 per cent of children at this school are gay.It’s a Muslim community and I have taken my daughters out as have other parents.”

A spokesman for tomorrow’s all day protest said over 450 parents have agreed to join it.

June 2019:

(Link): Teachers ‘in tears’ at school gates as row over LGBT classes worsens

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