Pat Robertson’s Insensitive Response to Randy with the Unanswered Prayers

Pat Robertson’s Insensitive Response to Randy with the Unanswered Prayers

Someone named Randy sent Pat Robertson a question to Robertson’s 700 Club television show and it was featured in today’s show (Feb 20, 2019). (View questions here)

You can view the particular question under discussion in this post here (also available at the 50 minute mark (Link: on You Tube here):

(Link): Your Questions, Honest Answers: – February 20, 2019


Randy told Pat that he’s been praying over and over for a financial blessing from God, and for his family member to be healed of a physical health problem.

Pat essentially responds that Randy is not getting his prayers answered because he’s being selfish praying for himself.

That response is wrong because the Bible actually instructs believers to pray for their own needs – not just the needs of other people – and Pat did not address the fact that Randy was not praying only for himself but also for the healing of a sick family member.

There are examples in the Bible of people approaching Jesus of Nazareth and asking not to “glorify God” but to heal their sick loved one, or to heal them of blindness. And I don’t recall a single incident where Jesus scolded those individuals for being “selfish” and turned them down.

I’ve said this before on other blog posts as pertaining to relationship advice, but people of America: Stop asking Pat Robertson for advice! Most of the time, he is insensitive and victim-blaming.

Ditto on most other Christian personalities who have TV shows or who are famous pastors. These guys don’t know more about life than you do. Some of them are even living immoral lives privately but pretending to be “godly” in their pulpits on Sundays or on their shows, so why take advice about anything from people who are hypocrites?

I just did this post a few days ago:

(Link): Pat Robertson’s Too-Vague Response About Unanswered Prayer and Non-Helpful Advice About Anxiety

Even after I write blog posts advertising how awful Robertson is at responding to certain types of questions, people continue to write to him with similar questions, and I don’t understand why.

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