Adult Pervert Ephebophile Preacher to His Teen Victim: “I believe God provided you for me until such time as I find a wife.”

Adult Pervert Ephebophile Preacher to His Teen Victim: “I believe God provided you for me until such time as I find a wife.”

If you’re wondering what the term “ephebophile” in this blog post’s title means, please visit (Link): this page on Wikipedia. (Ephebophiles are like pedophiles, only they prefer their victims to be a little older.)

I used to believe in the “equally yoked” teaching, until several years ago, when it dawned on me, one fact among a few, that many self-identifying Christian men in Christian marriages are (Link): perverts or abusers, so what advantage is there for Christian single women in only dating and marrying Christian men?

Further, there are way more single Christian women than there are single Christian men, so if you’re a single Christian woman who wants to marry, by necessity, you will HAVE TO date outside your faith. The “Equally Yoked” rule is simply not feasible or realistic for single Christian women who’d like to marry.

Anyway, this post below reminds me of (Link): another one I did on this blog a few years back, where a guy who was arrested for pedophilia had told a friend he was “wife shopping” for a new wife at his local church.

(Link): Five decades after alleged abuse, Texas man cheers proposed Baptists’ changes

Feb 21, 2019
By Corky Siemaszko

“Back then, nobody would have believed me. I have been carrying this around with me for a long time.”

Fifty years later, the words still burn in Henry Snow’s memory: “I believe God provided you for me until such time as I find a wife.”

They were uttered, Snow recalled, by the man who he says sexually molested him when he was 17 — and who was driving him home from Sunday services at a large Baptist church in Dallas.

“He was a huge, big presence, and everybody thought he was the greatest guy in the world next to Jesus,” Snow said of the man, who was at the time a prominent member of the megachurch.

“When he said that to me, I just remember a stunned silence. And I don’t know if I said this but I was certainly thinking: ‘But what about me? You mean God’s only plan for me is to be your sex toy until you get married?”

Snow spoke out as the (Link): Southern Baptist Convention is reeling from revelations that it failed to protect more than 700 worshippers from 220 ministers, deacons, volunteers, Sunday school teachers and others who were found guilty of sexually abusing churchgoers over 20 years.

….Snow said he never reported what he says happened to him to church authorities or the police. He said he was emboldened to come forward with his story after a recent expose of the Southern Baptist Convention by The Houston Chronicle and The San Antonio Express-News.

“Back then, nobody would have believed me,” he said. “I have been carrying this around with me for a long time.”

NBC News is not identifying Snow’s alleged abuser, who is now in his 70s, because he was never charged with a crime. But Snow provided NBC News with an email the alleged abuser sent him in February 2012.

In it, the alleged predator does not explicitly admit to molesting him, but he is apologetic and refers to Snow as a “dear old friend.”

“I regret invading your space by trying to be your best buddy and closest friend,” he wrote.

….On his personal website, the man [who had molested Snow when Snow was a ten] describes himself as a married grandfather who does volunteer work with low-income children in Texas and in Central America.

To that, Snow said: “He still has access to children.”

…Snow said he and three other male members of the church choir had gone on a trip to Galveston, Texas, with his alleged abuser and another male adult chaperone.

That night, he said, they all bunked in a motel room and he found himself sharing the roll-out bed with his alleged predator. He said when the lights went off and everybody else seemed to be asleep, the man reached for him.

“The first time took me completely by surprise,” Snow said. “I woke to him fondling me.”

Snow said the alleged abuser set up their second sexual encounter a month later. He said he went willingly but soon regretted it.

“He made it this dirty thing,” he said. “I never recovered from that.”

Snow said his life veered off course after that. He left the church and cut ties with just about everybody he knew. He shelved his dream of becoming an actor after his mother warned him “there are a lot of homosexuals in the theater.” At 32, he got married and was divorced 13 months later.
—end article excerpts—

The most interesting and alarming parts of that article to me, per this blog’s focus, are these comments:

Fifty years later, the words still burn in Henry Snow’s memory: “I believe God provided you for me until such time as I find a wife.”


On his personal website, the man [who had molested Snow when Snow was a ten] describes himself as a married grandfather…

As to the first comment, where the pervert told the teen-aged Snow that, “I believe God provided you for me until such time as I find a wife,” it could be that the pervert was not truly interested in having any sort of relationship with an adult woman and was just saying that to Snow so Snow would not think of him as being a molester or as being of a homosexual orientation.

Regardless of which scenario it was, the article goes on to say that the pervert’s web site says he “describes himself as a married grandfather,” which I assume means he married a woman at some point and had children with her.

I would not be surprised if this pervert married a self-identifying Christian woman, and they may have possibly met at a church.

Can you imagine being a single Christian woman trying to follow the ‘equally yoked’ rule and only marrying another self professing believer in Christ, only to find out years later that your husband was into groping and fondling teen boys?

I am not saying that all Non-Christian men have stellar values, but what I am saying, and what I’ve been saying for years on this blog now, is that because having good moral character is not confined to Christians, and because even some Christians turn out to be immoral perverts, it makes no sense for a single, Christian women to limit her dating options to self-identifying Christian men.

If you are an older single Christian woman (over age of 25), you know how it is – most evangelical, Protestant, and Baptist churches do NOT have many single men ages 25 and on up. There is a severe “man shortage” going on among Christians in the United States.

If there are any more Christian men out there who are single and past age 25, they are NOT going to church every Sunday.

So, it makes no sense to limit yourself to dating (and hence marrying) only self-professing Christ followers.

Seeing as how so many pedophiles attend churches, and they claim to be Christians, AND some of them date and marry Christian women (to act as “beards” to disguise the fact they actually prefer sexual relationships with teens or children), I don’t know that it’s so wise for Christian single women to use church as a venue in which to find dates or marriage material.

Here is the other post on my blog that I was reminded of:

(Link): Pedophiles Seeking Christian Wives in Churches – Another Reason to be Leery of the “Equally Yoked” Idea and Reconsider Church as a Place to Meet Singles

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