Man Risked His Life Having Unprotexted Sex with HIV Positive Partner So They Can Have a Baby

Man Risked His Life Having Unprotexted Sex with HIV Positive Partner So They Can Have a Baby

(Link): Man Risked His Life Having Unprotexted Sex with HIV Positive Partner So They Can Have a Baby

Sasha Goodman was petrified when she met Jay Hart, worrying she would infect him
AN HIV positive mum whose boyfriend risked his life to start a family says they are proof you can live a normal life with the disease.
Sasha Goodman was diagnosed with HIV when she was five years old.

After she failed to shake off a bout of chicken pox, doctors ran a series of tests and discovered she had contracted HIV from her mum in the womb.

She was forced to leave school due to bullies and following the death of her mum to Aids, Sasha’s life began to spiral out of control.

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