Guys ditching Tinder to meet women for sex on LinkedIn and Airbnb as web Lothario reveals the secrets of the latest creepy dating trend

No. This is not a good idea. Most women are not going to want men using LinkedIn (professional networking site) to hit them up for dates.

(Link): Guys ditching Tinder to meet women for sex on LinkedIn and Airbnb as web Lothario reveals the secrets of the latest creepy dating trend

by Dan Hall

Some men are turning to different platforms because it’s more ‘authentic’

A SEEDY trend in dating sees men ditching apps like Tinder in favour of less conventional methods to wangle their way into sex.

Creeps are now exploiting certain tech platforms not designed for dating to make their moves, including on LinkedIn and Airbnb.

One bloke even bragged to The Sun Online about his conquests specifically taking advantage of the connection culture on LinkedIn to lure women into “professional” meet-ups — which were actually intended to be anything but.

He said: “It really just began with me finding extremely attractive women on LinkedIn and trying to connive ways to meet up with them.

“So I would invent reasons as to why we should meet up for coffee.

“I found women in HR to be particularly receptive to this, both because their profession lends itself to that, but also because they tended to be people disappointed with their lives open to new adventures and learning about things beyond their horizons.

….In recent years, huge controversies have sprung up concerning women being inappropriately approached on LinkedIn because of their profile pictures.

In 2015, lawyer Charlotte Proudman was told by senior law partner Alexander Carter-Silk that she had a “stunning picture”, triggering a backlash of accusations of sexism in professional industries.

And in October this year, sales trainer Meg Stickland was bombarded with inappropriate messages which she called “everyday sexism”.

Some advocacy groups are now advising people to take extra care when using these platforms.

…Sarah Martinez, an Online Safety Expert at Get Safe Online, said: “LinkedIn is about networking so it’s understandable that people keep their profiles more open but perhaps review your settings so you’re not sharing everything with the whole world and just show your name and job title instead.

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