Man Outraged Over Woman College Student’s Conservative / Trump Signs Stalks Her in His SUV Around Campus Parking Lot

(Link): Man Outraged Over Woman College Student’s  Conservative / Trump Signs Stalks Her in His SUV Around Campus Parking Lot

April 2019

by Alana Mastrangelo

Police are investigating a hit and run accident they consider a “bias incident” after a man allegedly followed the president of the South Seattle College Turning Point USA (TPUSA) organization with his vehicle as she walked to her car on Thursday.

The incident — which occurred following an argument between the two individuals over TPUSA signage on campus — resulted in the conservative student calling 911 after the man struck another vehicle while circling her with his SUV. The suspect is still at large.

South Seattle College Turning Point USA chapter president Katie Daviscourt was hiding in-between parked cars, and dialed 911 in a parking lot on campus on Thursday, after she had realized that a man who had argued with her about TPUSA signage earlier that day had been following her with his vehicle and driving recklessly through the parking lot.

Police are currently searching for the suspect, who, while circling Daviscourt with his SUV, struck another vehicle, prompting him to flee the scene. The incident occurred following an argument over the conservative student’s TPUSA signage, which the suspect had tried to confiscate and damage hours earlier.

The student added that the confrontation continued in the parking lot while she was walking to her car.

“When we left for the day, I didn’t know it, but he was waiting for me in his car,” said Daviscourt, “I could feel a car coming and I didn’t know it was him at first. It wasn’t until he passed me, and I realized it was the same guy from earlier. So I tried to get back to my car as fast as I could. Then, he tried again for a second time, I jumped out of the way and hid between cars.”

Daviscourt told Breitbart News that in that moment, she feared for her life, as she believed the man would try to strike her with his vehicle if she were to step out from in-between the cars.

….Video surveillance cameras captured some of Thursday’s parking lot incident. The video footage obtained and reviewed by Breitbart News shows a black SUV appearing to head toward a pedestrian but then diverting away from the pedestrian as the driver takes a sharp turn through empty parking spots.

…“He was staring at me the entire time he was driving and didn’t look at the road, which is why he was swerving everywhere,” said Daviscourt to Breitbart News.

…Daviscourt also mentioned that the school’s campus police have made arrangements to escort her to and from class.


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