When Your Wedding Night Is Your First Time – via NPR

When Your Wedding Night Is Your First Time – via NPR

(Link): When Your Wedding Night Is Your First Time

Now that they’re married, Laura and Adam Hardin clearly have figured it out: their two toddlers were pattering around upstairs in their modest home in a Washington, D.C., suburb when NPR visited recently.

And Laura’s belly was bulging with their third baby — a daughter born last week.

But Adam remembers some anxious moments on their honeymoon almost five years ago — the first time either of them had sex.

“Mostly I think I was concerned with, like, not wanting to hurt her,” he says.

Laura says after years of knowing each other, and about a year-and-a-half as a couple, they were excited to have sex. But even with the vows exchanged, there was some trial and error.

…Waiting until marriage to have sex is relatively rare in the United States. It’s tough to measure how many people are currently waiting, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, close to 90% of people who have ever been married say they’ve had premarital sex.

…Adam says he wanted to take things slowly, thoughtfully. And in large part because of their faith, they both wanted to save sex for marriage.

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