It’s Not Too Late, And You’re Not Too Old

It’s Not Too Late, And You’re Not Too Old

I saw a Tweet by a lady the other day who said she is in her late 50s, that she would very much like to be in a serious relationship (she’s tired of being single, I think), and she was feeling discouraged because her friends are telling her that she is ‘too old to have a serious relationship at her age.’

No, she isn’t, and no, it’s not.

First of all, may I suggest that if you are constantly surrounded by recurrently negative friends and family, and ones who complain a lot and are fault-finders, who do things like talk negatively about your hopes, dreams, and goals, who tell you that your dreams will never come to pass, that you begin by limiting your time with these people?

Research has shown that it’s better for your mental health and increases your chances of success at whatever your goal is if you more often than not surround yourself with regularly positive people, and ones who support you and your goals.

If you are someone going through a difficult time right now, whatever your situation is, it’s not true that “you are too old” or “it’s too late” for your goal or dream in life.

This is for you.

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How to Start Over (Hint: It’s Never Too Late)

Breakthrough Success Depends on Your Productivity, Not Your Age by Drake Baer

No, It’s Not Too Late. There’s Only One Real Finish Line in Life by Tim Herrera – via New York Times
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A Man Who Studied Rich People for 5 Years Found That They Avoid One Type of Person

Eighty-six percent of the rich people in his study made a habit out of associating with other success-minded individuals.

On the flip side, “they also make a point to limit their exposure to toxic, negative people,” he explains.

….“Long-term success is only possible when you have a positive mental outlook,” Corley states.

It’s Never Too Late to Start A Brilliant Career by Rich Karlgaard – via WSJ, article is behind a Pay Wall.


… Like me, most late bloomers will discover that they have greater opportunities to success on alternative paths, far from the madness and pressure of early achievement.

Today’s obsessive drive for early achievement – and the taint of failure for those who do not attain it – has squandered our national talent and stunted our creativity.

All of us know someone, care about someone or love someone who seems stuck in life. The critical thing to remember is that we cannot give up on ourselves or others, even – and especially – if society has made it harder to catch up.

How People Learn to Become Resilient by Maria Konnikova

….Perhaps most importantly, the resilient children [in the study] had what psychologists call an “internal locus of control”: they believed that they, and not their circumstances, affected their achievements.

The resilient children saw themselves as the orchestrators of their own fates.

…The good news is that positive construal can be taught.

“We can make ourselves more or less vulnerable by how we think about things,” Bonanno said.

To Be Successful, Make Your Own Luck By Janice Kaplan and Barnaby Marsh


Luck is a combination of random chance, talent and hard work – and we can control some of that equation

…The good news is that there’s plenty of luck to go around if you know how to look for it. Some simple rules can help.

….(Part 4). Think Yourself Lucky. Psychologist Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania told us that if he were looking for a lucky person, “the number one ingredient that I’d select for would be optimism.”

Early in his career, Dr. Seligman did groundbreaking experiments on learned helplessness, showing that animals put in stressful situations beyond their control eventually stop trying to escape. People also have a tendency to give up and complain when they think they’re victims of bad luck.

“Believing that you have some control over what happens fuels trying,” Dr. Seligman said. “If there’s a potentially good event for me, am I going to seize the opportunity and follow up, or am I going to be passive?”

Difficult moments that seem like bad luck can become part of a happier picture. Best-selling author Lee Child suggests seeing bad luck as a chance that has come your way.

He started writing Jack Reacher thrillers only after he was fired from a television job in the U.K. that he loved. He was angry and frustrated and felt betrayed, but he channeled it all into finding a new opportunity.

99-year-old woman graduates from college

June 2015

In what she describes as the gratifying moment of her life, Doreetha  Daniels graduated from College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, Calif., with an associate degree in social sciences.

She is the oldest graduate in the university’s history.

106-year-old Hour Record holder Robert Marchand announces retirement from competitive cycling

Multiple record holder will continue to ride for fun

One year after setting a new Hour Recordfor his age category, centenarian cyclist Robert Marchand has decided to hang up his wheels and retire from competitive riding at the grand old age of 106.

105-Year-Old Woman Realizes Dream Of Getting High School Diploma

A 105-year-old woman has realized her dream of becoming a high school graduate.

Theresia Brandl put on her cap and gown Wednesday and received her diploma.

Friends and family also threw her a graduation party.

When she was younger, her family gave her an ultimatum – finish school or help her mother with the house and her siblings.

She chose to help her mother.

The graduation was organized by Twilight Wish, which is a foundation that celebrates seniors and makes their dreams come true.


Song 1.

On You Tube: (Link): Billy Joel – You’re Only Human (Second Wind)

If that copy of the song is ever removed from You Tube, just go to (Link): You Tube’s home page and run a search for the term “Billy Joel Second Wind,” and you should be able to find a copy

Read the Lyrics to that song (Link): Here or (Link): Here

Song 2. 

On You Tube: (Link): Hold On Tight (To Your Dream) by ELO

Song 3.

On You Tube: (Link): Lonely People by America 

It’s Not Too Late, And You’re Not Too Old


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It’s Not Too Late, And You’re Not Too Old

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