Man Accidentally Burns His Wife’s Face Off, So He Divorces Her

Man Accidentally Burns His Wife’s Face Off, So He Divorces Her

The way this article reads, this man accidentally lit his wife’s face on fire – the dumb ass used a can of gas to pour on some camp fire flames to reignite the fire – and after she was hospitalized and came out disfigured, he left her.

What a dick he is.

I’ve heard this is pretty common – that often, in a marriage, if the wife becomes sick in some way, say she gets cancer or what not – most men will divorce the wife.

Most men do not want to act as caretaker to a sick spouse, because unlike women, men are raised and coddled in our society to be selfish (they expect women to wait on them, and dog knows that complementarian Christians in particular really promote this sick teaching), where-as we ladies are raised from the time we are kids to always put ourselves last and to cater to the needs of others no matter what.

I wish this lady well. She seems like she is doing better now.

I don’t want Christians telling me any more – or members of conservative think tanks who publish “studies” on marriage – that marriage makes people or culture better – because it does not.

Marriage does not make people less selfish, more loving, or more responsible – it sure as hell did not cause the man in this story to stand by his wife, even after he set her on fire and she was in enormous physical pain (and I’d imagine mental pain as well) for weeks or months.

Anyway, if I am grasping this correctly, this douche nozzle dumped his wife because she was disfigured because he accidentally set her on fire. He left her over something he was responsible for doing, incredible.

(Link): Georgia Mom, 29, Disfigured in Campfire Accident

by C Keating

It’s been almost three years since Courtney Waldon suffered third- and fourth-degree burns over her entire body from a campfire accident at her Georgia home. Now, she says, life couldn’t be better.

“I am so blessed,” Waldon tells PEOPLE. “God has done so many good things for me.”

On Sept. 30, 2016, Waldon was living the dream. She put her then-5-year-old daughter, Caroline, to bed in their Tallapoosa home before joining her husband around a backyard campfire to celebrate their two-month wedding anniversary. The couple sat by the fire cooking tuna steak and asparagus. But when her husband attempted to relight the fire with a can of gas, some of the oil fell onto Waldon.

The next thing she knew, she was engulfed in flames.

…When paramedics responded to her husband’s 911 call, Waldon was unrecognizable: Fourth-degree burns had ravaged her face and third-degree burns left her hands, legs and feet mangled. She would spend the next 51 days in the hospital — most of them in a medically induced coma in intensive care.

 To make matters worse, Waldon’s husband left her and Caroline — who is Waldon’s daughter from a previous marriage — and never returned.

“I was devastated,” she says. “I begged for him to come back but … then I finally realized, after about three weeks of him putting me off, that he wasn’t coming back. I lost my dignity, my looks, and the person who I thought was the love of my life.”

Since that almost-fatal day, Waldon has undergone 40 surgeries to help her regain the ability to drive, swim, and cook. After briefly living with her parents during her recovery, Waldon and Caroline, now 7, have since moved into their own home on the same 100-acre property.

[She has since gone on to be in a new relationship with another man]

….Having a serious boyfriend since December has also made her feel loved and beautiful.

“He treats me and my daughter amazing, which has helped tremendously,” says Waldon.

This woman’s ex-husband is an absolute pig and ass-hat.


(Link): Unmarried and Childless Women Are the Happiest, Happiness Expert Claims

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