A Man Allegedly Shot A Baby In The Head After Her Mom Rejected Him At A Party by B. Sacks

A Man Allegedly Shot A Baby In The Head After Her Mom Rejected Him At A Party by B. Sacks

Here is an example of Toxic Masculinity – a phenomenon that many conservatives either misunderstand or believe does not exist. (Note to any new-comers: I am a conservative. I am not a liberal, but I do agree with liberals and feminists that Toxic Masculinity is real.)

(Link) A Man Allegedly Shot A Baby In The Head After Her Mom Rejected Him At A Party

June 2019

The 10-month-old girl had surgery Sunday to remove bullet fragments from her skull. The suspect has been charged with attempted murder.

A man allegedly shot a 10-month-old baby in the head after her mother rejected him at a party, police said.

Officials in Fresno, California, say 23-year-old Marcos Antonio Echartea had continuously hounded Deziree Menagh at a party Saturday night.

Echartea allegedly met the 18-year-old woman the week before and, when he ran into her at the gathering, tried to grab her hand.

Menagh, who lives close to the house, reportedly arrived at the party hours earlier with her daughter, Fayth Percy.

Detectives say she rebuffed Echartea after he followed her inside, and she told her family and friends what happened.

Later, while sitting on the porch, Echartea allegedly tried to pull Menagh onto his lap, but, again, she resisted and decided to leave the party.

“It was very apparent that he wanted a relationship with her,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said at a news conference Sunday.

After gathering her daughter, Menagh got into a male friend’s car and drove away, but when they made a U-turn and prepared to stop about a block away, Dyer said, they saw Echartea walking rapidly toward them.

When he got to the car, Echartea reportedly fired three rounds into the driver’s side window, striking Fayth in the side of her head as her mother, in the passenger seat, held her in her arms.

“We have every reason to believe that Marcus knew that baby Fayth was in that vehicle when he fired three rounds into that vehicle,” Dyer said.

…Fayth remains in critical condition after doctors removed bullet fragments from her head Sunday.

….Detectives arrested Echartea at the house, and he was subsequently charged with three counts of attempted murder.


(Link): Little Fresno girl who was shot taking steps towards normal life, as newly revealed video offers new perspective on crime

February 21, 2020
By Corin Hoggard

A 10-month-old girl who was shot in the head as her mother tried to get away from a man’s unwanted advances last summer is taking some big steps towards a normal life.

Baby Fayth is now 18 months old and literally took her first steps last week.


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