Woman Shares Story Of How A Group of Women Helped Her Narrowly Avoid Being Kidnapped While On A Date

Woman Shares Story Of How A Group of Women Helped Her Narrowly Avoid Being Kidnapped While On A Date by Greg Evans

(Link): Woman Shares Story Of How A Group of Women Helped Her Narrowly Avoid Being Kidnapped While On A Date


June 2019

Dating someone who is relatively unfamiliar can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if that person turns out to be not as decent as they make out.

This can be even more troublesome, should a man turn out to be not who he said he was when he started messaging.

Some bars do have secret codes and policies that can help out a woman in such a situation but, unfortunately, it’s not all that common and some women have to resort to other methods of getting themselves out of such a situation.

This is what Reddit user stevethunder1012 recently experienced on a date, when the man she was meeting for the evening turned out to be rather terrifying.

Posting in the subreddit ‘Am I the A**hole’, she explained how a group of women who were at another table in the restaurant she was at eventually helped her out of a situation which she believed could have resulted in a kidnapping.
(Snip Woman’s Story)

One reply she received :

You need to read the book the Gift of Fear [by Gavin DeBecker].

You’re NTA. He was acting oddly and driving under the influence and you handled it super well.

He made the scene.

If he had good intentions wouldn’t he have introduced himself and been polite and helped figure out how to get you home? Would he have ignored you when you asked to stop?

You did wonderfully. Good job!

Does your tattoo artist have your Instagram?

Read the rest of that page (Link): here

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