Missing Tinder Date Woman Found Cut Into 14 Pieces, As Murder Suspect Blames ‘Rough Consensual Sex’ – by S. Lock

Missing Tinder Date Woman Found Cut Into 14 Pieces, As Murder Suspect Blames ‘Rough Consensual Sex’ – by S. Lock

(Link): Missing Tinder date woman found cut into 14 pieces, as murder suspect blames ‘rough consensual sex’

July 2019

A WOMAN who was murdered and found dumped in garbage bags after failing to return home from a Tinder date was cut up into 14 pieces, a court has heard.

Sydney Loofe, 24, was savagely murdered and dismembered before she was found dead and dumped in a field in December 2017 near Edgar, south-west of Omaha, about a month after she disappeared.

Aubrey Trail, 52, and his girlfriend Bailey Boswell, 25, have been chargedwith her murder.

In a trial that’s been ongoing for more than a year, a court heard on Monday that Loofe had been cut into 14 different pieces.

Her body also showed signs that she had struggled prior to her death, a forensic pathologist said.

Dr Michelle Elieff said she found Loofe’s earlobe was torn and she had bruising on her wrists, the back of her head and on her inner thighs, TheMail Online reported.

The bruises on her wrist showed Loofe had been restrained and that she struggled before dying of suffocation, she added.

However, defence attorneys argued that the injuries could have resulted from ‘rough, consensual sex’ – an idea that Trail’s attorney had previously argued.

Trail and Bailey both deny killing Loofe, and instead say she died during an orgy gone wrong.

The couple said the 24-year-old was choked during sex, which they say led to her death.

They maintain Loofe  willingly agreed to participate in a ‘sexual asphyxiation’ fantasy that would be filmed in exchange for money.

It’s another dramatic twist in the case which saw 52-year-old Boswellslash his own throat in court last month amid claims he lured women into a sex cult, telling them he was a vampire who could read minds. .

 …Three women have given evidence this week about how he would lure women into his sex cult via Tinder, telling them he was a vampire that could fly and he could read minds.

All three claim they were recruited via Boswell’s Tinder account between July and November 2017.

They said Boswell made them call him “daddy” and how they engaged in orgies with him and Boswell as well as other women.

One woman claimed Trail had a group of witches and in order for her to become one she had to kill someone and “take their last breath”.

She added that she would get more “powers” if the person that was killed had been tortured for hours before hand, the Omaha Heraldreported.

The woman also detailed going to a Walmart with Trail and Boswell for groceries when they asked her if she was ready for her first “kill”.

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