Inside Secret World of Incels Who Turn To Murder Because They’ve Never Had Sex by J. Lavender

Inside Secret World of Incels Who Turn To Murder Because They’ve Never Had Sex by J. Lavender

Ah, male entitlement. I’m a celibate, hetero woman who had hoped to marry (and hence be having sex with a husband), I’m still single and celibate over age of 45, but I don’t run around killing men because of it.

I do not believe men owe me sex or marriage. Too bad our culture largely sends a message to boys and men in movies, magazine ads, and so on, that they are all deserving and owed marriage, sex, or dates.

Rejection is a part of life, whether we’re talking about not getting what we want romance-wise (no marriage, no dates, no sex, etc), or in other areas. You can go out on a lot of job interviews and be rejected by employer after employer.

Notice that in some of these cases, men are also harmed by incels: incels don’t always just target women, they also kill men in their rampages.

(Link): Inside secret world of Incels who turn to murder because they’ve never had sex

July 2019

WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT Elliot Rodger butchered six people because he was a virgin and had been constantly rejected by women

When Elliot Rodger slaughtered six university students he had never met, the world united in grief.

But when it emerged that the 22-year-old had carried out the senseless murdersof innocent victims because he was virgin who had been rejected by women, grief turned to horror.

Rodger’s horrific actions exposed a chilling online underworld of the Incels, meaning involuntarily celibate.

Disturbing forums reveal dark and violent threads between men who have been rejected by the opposite sex.

But Rodger’s violent murders were the first time this has spread from the internet and into the real world – it would not be the last time.

BBC Three documentary, Inside the Secret World Of Incels, has spent time with those part of the online sub culture.

 Before embarking on his killing spree in May, 2014, Rodger had uploaded a chilling video to YouTube, detail exactly why he wanted to target women.

…Rodger, who was angry he was still a virgin and wanted to be a “true alpha male” planned to bust into a sorority house and “slaughter every, singlem spoiled, blonde, stuck up a s***.”

First, he stabbed three men to death in his apartment before driving to one of the sorority houses attached to the University of California in the quiet town of Isla Vista, Sanata Barbara.

Rodger was unable to get into the house and thwarted he began firing at random, killing three women on the street.

A male student was gunned down inside a deli before speeding around Isla Vista, randomly shooting and hurting several people out walking on the streets.

His murderous rampage finally ended when he crashed his car and when officers opened the door, they found him dead inside.

….Rodger had shot himself in the head.

While Rodger’s horrific actions horrified people around the world, it catapulted Incels into people’s minds and he became a ‘hero’ in the underground community.

He is idolised by the sexually frustrated men who identify as Incels and has even been dubbed ‘Saint Elliot’.

Katherine Cooper was one of Rodger’s six victims. She was shot eight times, once in the side of her head.

…Some of the Incel forums have as many as 40,000 members, many discussing the rape of women.

And while the majority of the discussions remain solely in the online sphere, several spill into the real world.

Rodger’s actions are believed to have inspired at least three other mass killings in North America.

Alek Minassian, 25, left 10 people dead when he ploughing through pedestrians on a packed street in a rental van in Toronto, Canada.

Minassian apparently made shortly before the attack which praised British mass killer Elliot Rodger.

One Incel is known online as Catfish.

He openly admits to subjecting his ex girlfriend to domestic violence and was subjected to a restraining order after they broke up.

Catfish says he has been rejected by more than 100 women and now makes it his mission to “expose how females really are”.

…His bizarre method is to upload a fake dating app profile, using a picture of a male model, and arrange to meet any of the women he meets online.

Catfish himself then turns up to the date and when the women realise they have been duped into meeting someone entirely different and leave, he films their horrified reactions.

He screams abuse at them and in one disturbing encounter yells obscenities at the woman who believes she is meeting a very different man.

Chillingly, he also encourages the women he has tricked to send initimate images and videos and is idolised on the Incel forums for his actions.

Catfish says: “People calling me a hero is better than sex.

….”I confront them and tell them they are a horrible person. If they saw me on the street, they would ignore me.

“I’m just exposing who they are as individuals. I respect people but when it comes to females, I don’t care.

“Women aren’t people and I’m spreading awareness of how these females are.”

In County Down, Northern Ireland, one man is determined to shake off his Incel status.

After spending years isolated and alone, never having had sex, kissed or even hugged a woman or held her hand, he is working hard on his self-esteem.
— end excerpts —

Read the rest of that article (Link): here

That Alek Minassian guy referenced above is really just exposing how some men “really are” by his own actions and attitude – which is, some men are entitled, twisted, demented sexist losers, particularly the incels.

Like complementarian Christians, these Incels make me feel glad I never married and remain single to this day.

There are worse things in life than remaining single (and celibate) when you’d like to be in a relationship, and one of those things is being in a relationship with a horrible or abusive person like some of these Incel men.

One problem with these Incel guys is they apparently spend all day, every day on forums. If they would get off the web and get out and meet people – and not necessarily with the only goal of getting dates or sex – they would, ironically, probably get dates, sex, and/or a girlfriend.

You’re not likely going to get a girlfriend if you are a hetero man just spending every waking moment on You Tube comment sections, blogs, Twitter, or discussion boards complaining to other hetero men about women.

And, if you are an Incel and you don’t adjust your attitude about women – you don’t view women as people, you think they “owe” you a smile, their time, or a date – women will pick up on that lousy demeaning and creepy attitude, and it’s a turn off to women – you will continue to drive women away.

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