Give Us SexBots With A Soul by L. Emmons

Give Us SexBots With A Soul by L. Emmons

(Link): Give Us SexBots With A Soul by L. Emmons


Who really needs relationships anyway? They’re a pain in the ass. Partners are difficult. They want us to be our best selves, to quit drinking, to stop leaving dirty socks in the bathroom.

Partners have feelings, emotional realities, flatulence, bad breath, opinions, debts, wants, needs and desires than can clash with our own.

Partners want things from us even when we just want them to shut up and get cozy. But the worst thing about partners, the worst part about romance, is the potential for rejection.

…..If all we really needed from sexbots was a cure for sexual dysfunction, we’d ditch the unrealistic fantasy and get with something more down to earth.

Prescription sexbots should not be modeled on male desire and the illusion of fulfillment.

Sexbots that come with co-pays should prepare a person for a real life relationship, and all the risks that come with it.

Instead of a sexbot who is into all your kinks and moans at your slightest touch, add a mode where if she’s not satisfied she rolls her eyes and asks, ‘Do you mind if I finish myself off?’ — and then does it, maybe with her vibrator accessory, while the man reflects on his shortcomings.

Instead of a doting male sexbot that stays hard all night, make one that complains he’s got to be up early, and can’t cater to your whims for hours at a stretch — and then comes too early because he’s stressed about work.

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