Deviant Father Who Raped His Screaming One Year Old Infant Daughter for Dark Web Jailed

Deviant Father Who Raped His Screaming One Year Old Infant Daughter for Dark Web Jailed

Do Marriage and Parenthood, as so many pro-Nuclear Family Christians and conservative think tanks suggest, improve people or make society better, or cause individuals to become more godly, ethical, responsible, and loving? Nope. Here’s another example.

Did being married and being a father cause this man to behave in a loving, godly, ethical, responsible manner? Why no, it did not.

Also, ask yourself this: is this guy perfect? No, obviously he is not perfect. Yet, growing up, I often read in Christian content about singleness that if one wants to marry one day, that one must become perfect, or a really great and morally upstanding person if one wanted to be granted a spouse by God.

Obviously, such teaching is total bunk, seeing as how many examples I have on this blog of people who did get a spouse but later went on to be arrested for pedophilia, murder, or God knows what else.

If there is a deity, that deity obviously does not with-hold a spouse from people if they are not “perfect,” since that deity is permitting dirt-bags to marry.

(Link): Deviant Father Who Raped His Screaming One Year Old Infant Daughter for Dark Web Jailed

Jimmy McCloskey
Friday 12 Jul 2019

James Lockhart, 31, received the maximum sentence possible at a court hearing Thursday for producing the four videos between March 2016 and February 2018.

Harrowing court documents said that during at least one of the clips, the young victim ‘continues to scream and cry’ as she is sexually assaulted by her father.

After he was sentenced, Homeland Security agent Michael B Cochran said: ‘This deviant committed the most horrible atrocities imaginable to a one-year-old child. ‘HSI’s national and international partnerships have helped ensure that this predator will never again harm a child.’

Lockhart, of Bradenton in Florida, posted the abuse clips on a dark web forum – accessible using a special browser – using the names ‘StrangeWood’ and ‘HardWood’.

He promised other pedophiles on the site that more videos would be uploaded, and even asked those perverts for suggestions on what sort of abuse he should film himself inflicting.

After Lockhart was caught by cops who spotted his online activity, investigators found other clips of him abusing the girl that hadn’t been uploaded online.

They discovered messages where he’d bragged about raping another child aged just one, the Miami Herald reported.

The pedophile was arrested in October 2018, with a search of his home yielding 43 child abuse clips and 4,000 child sex abuse images.

Many of those images contained sexual abuse of babies, as well as ‘sadomasochistic and violent conduct.’

Lockhart, who admitted charges of producing, distributing and possessing child pornography, worked as a licensed paramedic until his child abuse was uncovered last October.

His wife was shown clips police had found with the girl’s face blurred out, and instantly recognized her own daughter.

She is said to have told investigators the clip also depicted her husband’s hand, their couch, as well as the little girl’s stuffed animal toy.

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