Matt Walsh V. Marriage Idolaters Such as Bradford Wilcox and Mark Regnerus

Matt Walsh V. Marriage Idolaters Such as Bradford Wilcox and Mark Regnerus

So, hyper conservative Matt Walsh tweeted this out in regards to a lady (I think she’s a model or actress? – her name is Julianne Hough) who says after she married her husband (who is a biological man) that she is “not straight” (which I assume means she is attracted to women – as well as to men(?)).

Here is Walsh’s tweet on the matter:

Oh so she lied to her husband and married him under false pretenses. What an inspiration.

I’ve been a conservative for the duration of my life, but conservatives (who usually claim to be “Pro Family” and “Pro Marriage”) are often hypocritical about these topics, or hold some pretty odd, troubling views.

Many conservatives, especially ones who promote Male Headship Complementarianism, and the ones who are members of pro-family organizations and think tanks – such as Bradford Wilcox of the Institute For Family Studies – promote marriage at the expense of singleness (they regularly slam, insult, and put down singleness), or they promote some unethical, unbiblical views, as I’ve outlined in previous posts on my blog.

For example, Christian sociologist Mark Regnerus went on record a few years ago as saying that Christian women should not have any standard of “I refuse to marry a porn addicted or porn using Christian man,” because, he feels, too many Christian men are porn users or addicts, which would mean none of these men would ever marry Christian women, since for so many Christian women, a man using porn is a marital “deal breaker.” You can read about that (Link): here.

Then, of course, there is (Link): my other post about Marriage Idolater Bradford Wilcox and his Marriage Idolating group, IFFS (‘The Institute for Family Studies’), who are so obscenely pro-marriage, they are actually depressed that more un-married people today are not having sex outside of marriage.

If Bradford Wilcox, or any of his compatriots from the IFFS, or Mark Regnerus were to see headlines declaring that a woman married a man only to later reveal to the man that she’s also attracted to women, I feel confident in saying they would not care.

Because the goal with some of these secular and religious conservatives is marriage at all cost, or marriage at any cost.

Some of these conservatives are so insanely, bonkers marriage-obsessed, they don’t care how or who people marry, as long as they marry.

So long as this bi-sexual woman got married to a man – and she did in fact do so – Wilcox, Regnerus, and the other conservatives and Christians who worship the institution of marriage will accept her sexual status.

Marriage to these weirdos is more important than who a person marries or why they marry. So long as a woman marries a man, they don’t care about any of the other details – which is pretty warped.

I’m not opposed to marriage by any means, but unlike Mark Regnerus, Al Mohler, Bradford Wilcox, Jim Daly (of “Focus On The Family”) and other secular and Christian conservatives who are also extremist marriage- promoters, I cannot and will not elevate marriage to such a degree that I agree with morally wrong or questionable behaviors, such as porn addiction, or the phenomenon of men dictating to single Christian women who those men think those women can or should date.

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