Seven Reasons Not To Get Married, According to Science

Seven Reasons Not To Get Married, According to Science

(Link): Seven Reasons Not To Get Married, According to Science


…According to the Pew Research Center, in 2012, (Link): one in five adults age 25 and older (at the time, that was about 42 million people) had never been married. Compare that to 1960, when only about one in ten adults of the same age range had never been married.

That rise in never-marrieds is attributed to the fact that folks are getting hitched later in life, and that more couples are cohabiting and raising children outside of marriage.

Right now, the median age for first marriages is its highest ever: 30 years old for men and 28 years for women, according to U.S. Census Bureau data taken in 2018.

Plus, a recent Urban Institute report predicts that some millennials will remain unmarried past the age of 40.

….Whether you’re focusing on your career, building up some financial security or just don’t buy into the idea of marriage, saying “I do” might not be for you. Here are seven valid reasons to never get married:

1. Living together is more common and widely acceptd

….2Weddings Are Expensive

3. Unmarried, childless women are happier

Recently, Paul Dolan, a professor of behavioral science at the London School of Economics, said, while discussing his new book, Happy Ever After, that “if you’re a man, you should probably get married; if you’re a woman, don’t bother.”

That’s because, after he examined data from the American Time Use Survey to determine the happiness levels in unmarried, married, divorced, separated and widowed people, Dolan found that unmarried, childless women are the happiest subgroup, adding that they are more likely to live longer than their married and parental peers.

He explained that men benefit from marriage because they “calm down” and “you take less risks, you earn more money at work, and you live a little longer. She, on the other hand, has to put up with that, and dies sooner than if she never married.” Gives new meaning to the vow ’til death do us part, huh?

Forgoing marriage because you don’t want to die might be a bit extreme, but when asked about the secrets to living a long life, some of the oldest women in world agreed—stay away from men.

Back in 2015, at the age of 109, Jessie Gallan, a Scottish woman, offered her advice to longevity: “Eat your porridge and avoid men. They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.” And Gladys Gough, a British woman who lived to be 104, said, “I never got married or had a boyfriend either. That probably had something to do with it. I just couldn’t be bothered with men.”

4. Marriage isn’t (legally) necessary anymore

5. Modern family isn’t just a TV show

6. You’re afraid of getting divorced

7. You don’t believe in it


(Link): Unmarried and Childless Women Are the Happiest: 2019 Study

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