Christian Rock Star Arrested In Connection With Child Sex Assault Probe Before Going on Stage

Christian Rock Star Arrested In Connection With Child Sex Assault Probe Before Going on Stage

The article says that this Christian rock star has a son. So, this guy is a father. I would assume that the rock star was married at one point (unless he had his son out of wedlock).

I point this out to say that a lot of conservative Christians and conservative secular think tanks keep arguing that “family values” and being “pro marriage” and people having children will somehow “fix” the United States. No, it won’t.

First of all, no passage in the Bible argues that the way to “fix” culture is to have more marriage and more natalism – chapter seven in 1 Corinthians actually says it is better to remain single than it is to marry. The Bible says a person must be changed by accepting Jesus as her savior, not by getting married and having kids. The Bible doesn’t talk about cleaning up culture.

Secondly, personal observation. There are way too many married people with children we all know, or have read about who are selfish, rapists, child molesters, or into selling drugs and what all (see some examples of that on this blog (Link): here and (Link): here).

Marriage and parenthood are not guarantees of making a person more mature, ethical, godly, principled, and responsible – but conservatives keep arguing otherwise, and it’s a highly deceitful and unbiblical argument for them to continue to advance.

Please see the bottom of this post for more remarks by me.

(Link): Christian Rock Star Arrested In Connection With Child Sex Assault Probe Before Going on Stage


AUG 14, 2019 | 2:48 PM

A Christian rocker had to cancel his performance at eastern Minnesota’s Wood City Music Festival after Cloquet, Minn., cops arrested him on two charges of felony sex assault against a child, according to an ABC News affiliate in Duluth.

The 44-year-old front man, Emanuel Rodriguez, will be transferred to Nebraska to answer to third-degree assault allegations involving two victims under the age of 14. Twin Cities reports. The holy roller is said to know the alleged victims. A warrant for his arrest was issued in Sept. 2016.

When Rodriguez isn’t performing with his band 70xForgiven, he works as a pastor in southwest Iowa. The Wood City Festival was one of several stops on the band’s Light the Fire tour. According to (Link): the band’s website, that tour does not include any bars or clubs. The group is also advertising for a new bass player.

“Through the good and the bad, it can be rough on the road sometimes and sometimes it can just be amazing, mostly amazing, but it is always and all for Jesus!!!” 70XForgiven’s website says on its “careers” page. Their new album is called “Reckless Love.”

Rodriguez’s son, Emanuel Jr., is the band’s drummer.

(Link): Iowa Pastor Accused Of Abusing 2 Girls Arrested In Minnesota

(Link): Council Bluffs pastor accused of child sexual assault waives extradition to Omaha


Omaha police and Douglas County prosecutors believe Rodriguez sexually assaulted two little girls, and in one case, the alleged abuse dates back to 2016.

A sworn affidavit shows the victims said Rodriguez would place his hands on them while they were under blankets. The victims also told investigators Rodriguez sexually assaulted them inside two of his former homes.

My additional observations:

A few other observations: a lot of conservative Christians I was exposed to growing up – via their sermons and books and articles – suggested that if one is still single in spite of wanting marriage, it’s because one has not become perfect or godly enough. These Christians suggested that before God will permit a person to have a spouse, God was waiting to clean the person up and improve them.

Well, considering that a lot of Christian men get married, have children, and then go on to do things like molest other people’s children (or sometimes their very own), gives lie to the horrible Christian wisdom that God doesn’t allow anyone less than godly and perfect to marry.

Now, considering the “equally yoked” rule that so many Christians say they support, regarding marriage: assuming the guy in this new article is married  – and he probably is – would you, if you are a single adult desiring marriage, rather be married to a non-child molesting Non-Christian or to a child-molesting Christian?

I myself would rather marry the Non-Christian who doesn’t molest children, all other things being equal.

The “equally yoked” rule serves nothing but keeping marriage-desiring singles single well into their 40s and older. Christians need to start speaking out against the equally yoked rule instead of defending it and promoting it.

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