Transgender Activists Terrorize Women’s Rape Crisis Center with Hateful Graffiti by Matt Margolis

Transgender Activists Terrorize Women’s Rape Crisis Center with Hateful Graffiti by Matt Margolis

There are a few reasons I cannot support Transgenderism across the board, this is one of them: the harassment of, and misogyny against, actual (“cis”) girls and women in the name of Transgender activism
(and, if the trans activist killed the animal mentioned in this report to nail the animal to the door of this shelter, that makes this person an animal abuser as well, and all animal abusers are absolute scum – edit; second report says a dead skunk was also placed at the shelter by the trans rights group – again, if you kill animals, especially just to make a statement over something like this, you are a demented pervert and sicko, and no, I do not support your “cause”):

(Link): Transgender Activists Terrorize Women’s Rape Crisis Center with Hateful Graffiti by Matt Margolis


August 2019

Why would anyone vandalize a rape crisis center? What kind of a twisted mind would do such a thing? In this “brave new world,” where the feelings of transgender individuals trump commonsense and the privacy of everyone else, it appears that transgender activists have decided to oppose offering relief services for victims of rape, and shelters for women and children because of the strict “women only” policies that exclude men who claim to be women.

….[Editorial quotes from (Link): Trans activism’s latest trick: vandalizing women’s shelters by Meghan Murphy]

On Tuesday, Vancouver Rape Relief & Woman’s Shelter (VRRWS) tweeted images of vandalism left on their storefront — a space used for meetings, events, and support groups. ‘Kill TERFs,’ ‘F**k TERFs,’ ‘TERFs go home, you are not welcome,’ ‘Transwomen are women,’ and ‘Trans Power’ had been scrawled across the windows and door in black marker.

‘ TERF,’ for the blissfully ignorant, is an acronym that stands for ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminist.’ This is, of course, a misnomer.

Radical feminists are not interested in ‘excluding’ trans-identified people from anything.

What they  are interested in is protecting certain spaces designated for women and girls.

“VRRWS has been targeted not only with vandalism, but with dead animals nailed to their door and stuffed through their mail slot, on account of their women-only policy,” Murphy explains. “They operate a transition house for women and their children, which aims to protect abused women and help them to heal from horrific violence and sexual assault.”

While most people believe it is commonsense that women escaping male violence would feel more comfortable in a place that excludes men, trans activists are having none of it, and resort to vandalizing and doing things like leaving dead animals hung by the neck in such a way that can only be considered yet another violent threat to those seeking refuge.

Local leaders sympathetic to the transgender activists have also succeeded in getting a $30,000 grant to Vancouver Rape Relief & Woman’s Shelter revoked because of “their practice of serving women alone and hiring only female counselors discriminated against men.”

Do women and children who have already been victims of abuse deserve to be threatened again by radical transgender activists who are desperate to force their beliefs on the world? Absolutely not.

Battered women and victims of rape deserve a place where they can feel safe, and not intimidated.

But, the radical LGBT lobby doesn’t want to give them that. No one is immune from this radical ideology being forced upon them, not even battered women or rape victims.

I already pointed out in a (Link): much-older blog post that when and if the perceived needs of one favored liberal groups clashes with another, they will always choose the more “trendy” group – in any case where women, particularly white women are concerned, they will always throw the safety and needs of (actual) women under the bus to protect and defend LGBT persons or POC.

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