Married Mother and Lawyer Reveals She Works As A Part-Time Prostitute

Married Mother and Lawyer Reveals She Works As A Part-Time Prostitute
A lot of Christians falsely promise that marriage will make a person more godly, mature, ethical, and responsible.
A lot of them also said in their teachings – at least when I was a teen and in my twenties – that if one remained a virgin until marriage, that the married sex would be frequent and excellent.
But here is a news story about a married woman (who is also a mother), works as a lawyer, yet she also spends part of her time getting paid to have sex with other people. Did being married and a parent make her more sexually ethical? Nope.

Married Mother and Lawyer Reveals She Works As A Part-Time Prostitute

Christians will falsely teach people that being married will make them become more godly and mature, and as they will supposedly be getting plenty or regular, great sex with a spouse, they’ll never commit adultery or other sexual sin ever.

At least, I was exposed to this sort of teaching from Protestant and Baptist sources when I was a kid, teen and twenty something.

But as we can see via this news story below – and stories like this one – no, it’s not true. 

Marriage and motherhood did not cause this woman to be more godly or mature, nor did married sex keep her from having sex with other people – and getting paid for it.

(Like): ‘Sex is fun, and I can get paid for it’: Married mother and lawyer reveals she works as a part-time PROSTITUTE and once made $55,000 at a brothel in Nevada in just THREE WEEKS

A criminal defense lawyer has opened up about her life as a part-time prostitute, revealing she once made a whopping $55,000 in just three weeks.  

Katherine Sears, a married mother of one from Des Moines, Iowa, started working as a prostitute three years ago at the age of 27. With her husband John Sears’ approval, she spends three weeks at a time working at a brothel in Nevada, where prostitution is legal.  

‘I like sex. Sex is fun, and I can get paid for it,’ she told KCCI of her side hustle, which she hopes to help decriminalize by sharing her story. 

‘I think the more we talk about it, the better our chances are of getting the decriminalization that we’re pursuing,’ she said. ‘We’re not going to have legislation change if we’re passive about it.’ 

Katherine isn’t exactly sure how much money she has made from prostitution over the years, but she made it clear that her part-time job is quite lucrative.   

‘I’d have to get my taxes out and look at it,’ she said, adding: ‘The best I did, I made $55,000 in three weeks.’

The attorney was already working as a prostitute when she met her husband John at Drake Law School a few years ago, and he has no problem with her moonlighting as a sex worker. 

‘I don’t really care that much,’ John told KCCI of his wife, who practices criminal defense law with him when she is not working as a prostitute. 

Katherine typically alternates between spending three weeks in Nevada followed by a week at home in Iowa. 

While working in the brothel, she begins every morning with three hours of primping and pampering, which includes showering, exfoliating, and drying her hair. 

On a busy day, she will see 10 to 15 clients, but she insists she has never worried about getting sexually transmitted diseases.  

‘You’re really less likely to get an STD from a prostitute than you are from the general public,’ she said. 

Katherine, who is required to have regular health check-ups, stressed that ‘prostitution is consensual sex,’ and she has the right to turn down clients whenever she pleases. 

After welcoming her first child four months ago, she has been taking time off from prostitution to focus on her baby boy as well as her new law practice.

However, she remains dedicated to putting an end to the ‘judgmental stigma’ associated with sex work. 



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