Poster Chapmaned24 Blocked On This Blog: He’s a Celibacy-Shaming Apologist of Pastoral Sexual Predators

Poster Chapmaned24 Blocked On This Blog: He’s a Celibacy-Shaming Apologist of Pastoral Sexual Predators

I put an individual named “chapmaned24″ on block on this blog as of this evening, because he left a judgmental comment on my blog in response to a post I did about serial adulterer and serial Clergy Sex Abuse perp Tullian Tchividjian, all while seemingly suggesting I am judgmental, or a sinner, because I mentioned in passing in my commentary on Tullian that I remain a virgin over the age of 45…

(I don’t recall exactly which blog post it was, possibly (Link): this one)

Jesus Christ said in the New Testament, “Why do you call me, “Lord Lord” and do not what I command,” and he also warned that on judgement Day many will stand before him and he will tell them, “Get away from me, I never knew you.”

Is Tullian following Christ’s teachings on sexual behavior? No.

Is Tullian Tchividjian  following New Testament qualifications for pastors and leaders in the church? Nope. He’s disqualified from being in the pulpit.

I have actually sought, for many years, to live out Christ’s teachings on sexual ethics (which means abstaining from sex outside of marriage), and chapmaned24 was condemning me for that… for not being a hypocrite on sexual ethics, and for not seeking a teaching role in a church… which is the opposite of what Tullian has done.

Like most Christians, chapmaned24 does not respect or value or defend sexual chastity, or virginity until marriage.

I’ve come across chapmaned on other blogs, in years past, defending sexual predatory pastors, and blaming the women in these sexual abuse situations, where a preacher abuses his position of power and influence over parishioners to cajole them or confuse them into sexual acts.

So, chapmaned24 is on block from this blog.

Bye bye, chapmaned24, and take your virginity-shaming and celibacy shaming with you! I’m not a pervert living in defiance of New Testament sexual values like Tullian is – and he’s still trying to make a buck off the church.

So, since chapmaned24 defends Tullian by quoting a Bible passage at me about one sin being able to send a person to Hell – mine hasn’t been sexual to this point –
and he’s saying it’s OK for Tullian to sexually sin, even so far as to use his pastoral position to abuse women, by chapmaned’s logic, it is now excusable for me to not only have sex outside of marriage, but to expect to be able to also pastor a church, teach Sunday School classes, and to make profit publishing books about Jesus  –

Even books that talk about God’s grace, and is it not wonderful that God will forgive people like me if and when I decide to have sex all over the place outside of marriage, and, I can keep making a profit off the Bible, Jesus, and God too?

I really question a person’s morality who shows up under a blog post by someone like me, who is still sexually abstaining at my age, to basically say my sexual obedience to God is a great big nothing, and to defend a sexual predator who abuses his position as a clergy person to exploit women.

I think your morals are garbage is what I think, and I also think if Christ is real, and there’s an afterlife, you’re going to hear him say on the Judgement Day, “Get away from me, I never knew you.”

If you are going to claim to be a Christian, there are basic morals the New Testament lays out and tells you and expects you to follow so long as you breathe air as a mortal.

You don’t get to live any old way you want just because you believe in “God’s grace and forgiveness” and “once saved always saved.”

If you say you are a Christian but you are not actually walking the walk, but merely talking the talk (see James 2.18),

….and I don’t see good fruit in your life,

….the Bible tells me to be highly skeptical of you and your claims to be a Christ follower, and it even instructs me to even keep you at a distance and don’t associate with you.

Sometimes the world and Non-Christians have better, higher standards than self professing Christians do.

Which is easier to do:
1. Actually, physically remain a virgin into your 40s because you have not yet married,


2. to SAY and CLAIM you believe in remaining a virgin until marriage, being sexually ethical,
but then using one’s position of influence, (such as being employed as a pastor), to coerce and cajole numerous women into your bed?

I’ve actually lived out the Bible’s teachings on these matters, because I took the Bible and God very seriously. Did Tullian?

Proof is in the pudding. I walked the walk. I put my money where my mouth is. Did Tullian actually and consistently walk the walk? Nope.

There were MULTIPLE victims of his over a period of years. The dude didn’t have just one “oops” or slip up over his first marriage, there was more than one woman victim.

Christ asks you to look at people’s fruit and their behavior. On that basis, and regarding the area of sexual purity, Tullian doesn’t pass.

So do get bent, chapmened.


(Link): Stacie Tchividjian Attempting to Turn Repeated Sexual Sin Into a Virtue of Sorts

(Link): Many Christians Really Do Prefer to Use Sexual Failures as Role Models As Opposed to Success Stories – The Tullian Tchividjian Come back

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