Sex-Mad Americans Are the Most Unfaithful Spouses in the World by M. Hodge

Sex-Mad Americans Are The Most Unfaithful Spouses In The World by M. Hodge

But conservative Christians and conservative think tanks who have turned the Nuclear Family and Marriage into Idols they worship insist that Marriage is Good for society.

They also keep insisting that Marriage makes adults more godly, mature, empathetic, responsible, and sexually ethical.

But look here, according to this article, married American couples lead the world in the amount of extra-marital nooky on an adultery site.

So much for marriage making society better and causing adults to be sexually pure, mature, godly, empathetic, or ethical.

(Link): Sex-Mad Americans Are The Most Unfaithful Spouses In The World 

by M. Hodge 
Sept 2019

THE US has the most unfaithful spouses in the WORLD with over 25 million sex-mad citizens using cheating website Ashley Madison.

The infamous adultery site, which hit the headlines in 2015 after a massive data leak, has shared some startling statistics with Sun Online.

The dating site, whose motto is ‘Life is short. Have an affair’, says that a whopping 25.5m Americans have used their service since its launch in 2002. 

In fact, the US has more than double the cheaters than second place Brazil – with has 10.3m Madison users – and more than the next eight countries put together.

 Christoph Kraemer, an Ashley Madison Managing Director, told Sun Online why he believes the firm’s platform is so popular with yanks.

He said: “We find that in countries where they are a lot of social norms such as lots of traditional views on relationship and marriage – we tend to particularly well. “In those kinds of societies, quite often people are left feeling trapped in their relationships.

“The analogy I always use is that the tighter the corset the more you want to break out of the corset.”

Data from the 2015 data leak showed that the site had over 70,000 bot accounts posing as females and sending fake messages to unsuspecting men.

 However, Mr Kraemer insists that there are now zero fake accounts on Ashley Madison after the company changed their approach to security.

He said: “We reinvented our entire security infrastructure. We are now among the safest platforms which exist.

…Asked why the site remains so popular, he added: “Obviously there is a need for our service – the statistics show this.

“Human beings don’t change and we offer a discreet alternative option which enables people to look for an affair.

“People usually look for affairs within their family, friends or work environments – and those environments have a very high risk of being discovered.

“We offer a secure and safe environment which certain people are searching for.”

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