Okla. Dad Molested and Killed Ex-Cheerleader Daughter, Then Claimed She Shot Herself by Accident

Okla. Dad Molested and Killed Ex-Cheerleader Daughter, Then Claimed She Shot Herself by Accident

Did being a father and being married make this man in this news story “more of a human,” as Southern Baptist (Link): Al Mohler would argue?

Did being a parent make this man more godly, mature, ethical or sexually moral, as so many conservative pro-family think tanks would want you to believe?

After seeing news stories like this one, do you really think God withholds spouses from people until they become more righteous, loving, or less sinful, as a lot of conservative Protestants and Baptists teach? I’d say “no.”

(Link): Okla. Dad Molested and Killed Ex-Cheerleader Daughter, Then Claimed She Shot Herself by Accident

On Wednesday, jurors in Oklahoma convicted a 45-year-old father in the 2017 death of his ex-cheerleader daughter, whom he’d initially claimed accidentally shot herself in the face.

A Cleveland County Court official tells PEOPLE the jury deliberated for nearly four hours before returning the guilty verdict against Ronald Lee McMullen Jr., of Norman, of the first-degree murder of 22-year-old Kailee McMullen.

…“When the verdict was read in open court, Karen, the defendant’s wife and the victim’s mother, broke out in tears and sobbed uncontrollably,” the court official tells PEOPLE.

First responders were summoned to the McMullen home on June 29, 2017, pronouncing Kailee dead at the scene.

McMullen, who refused to submit to a polygraph examination, claimed his daughter shot herself while playing with a loaded gun.

Kailee, a 2013 graduate of Norman North High School, was co-captain of the school’s varsity cheerleading squad.

In the months before her death, police allege she told friends she was molested by her father.

An affidavit against McMullen further alleges Kailee’s father touched his daughter inappropriately in 2007, when she was 14, but that charges were never filed.

(On People’s web site):

(Link): RELATED: Dad Claimed Daughter, 22, Accidentally Shot Herself, But Authorities Say He Molested, Killed Her

Concluding Thoughts

There is nothing about marriage or parenthood that causes or makes people into better people. Nothing.

The Bible, particularly in the New Testament (see 1 Corinthians 7), does not shame people for being childless or single, whether their status is from choice or from circumstance.

The Bible does not teach that God can or will only work through people if they marry and have children.

The Bible does not teach that parenting or marriage makes people “more human.” If you’re reading this, you are human by virtue of having been born – you already are human.

Being human does not mean marrying and becoming a parent, in that, those are not requirements. A person can remain single and childless and still be quite human, thank you very much.

The Bible does not teach that “Nuclear Families” or marriage or parenthood or natalism will “fix” a culture or make it better.

The Old Testament speaking of children as being a blessing to those who have them is saying only that, nothing more: children may be a blessing, but God does not say one is in sin or some kind of error or being selfish if one does not marry or does not pro-create.

Some of the most “un-Biblical” Christians on the face of the planet are ironically those conservatives such as Al Mohler who say they believe strongly in the Bible, they say everyone should live according to the Bible, and yet, they use claims of being “biblical” to promote an agenda that the Bible itself does not push or promote.

Mohler, like so many other Christians, and even secular conservatives, have made an Idol out of Marriage, Natalism, Parenthood, and The Nuclear Family.

Christians who idolize “marriage and biological family” end up hurting or ostracizing a lot of divorced, widowed, never married, childless, and child-free adults in the process.

They make getting married and having children the end all, be all goals of life or of the Christian faith walk, when the Bible doesn’t put that much emphasis on them.

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