I Have a New Twitter Account – “sololoner3” – Update: They’ve locked this one down, too, for whatever reason. Update: I’m now “muddypig6” on Twitter

I Have A New Twitter Account – sololoner3

Updates at bottom of post – as of Oct 31, my original Twitter has been unlocked so I am on that one again.
I’ll keep these other accounts to use in case Twitter decides to lock down the original one again.

My new Twitter account: (Link): sololoner3

Update:  this one as of today, Oct 5, has also been locked down. I don’t know why.

Update 2 or 3. (I’m losing track at this point):

I have yet another new Twitter account, seeing as how Twitter locked down “sololoner,” “sololoner2” – so now, I have been reincarnated as…
(Link): muddypig6

So, currently, you may follow me at “muddypig6,” until they lock THAT one down, in which case, I’ll have to come up with yet another one, time permitting

(My initial twitter is @sololoner2)

Yes, I created a new Twitter account because the idiots at Twitter put my initial account on lock down. I don’t know why.

I’ve been down this road with Twitter before on other Twitter accounts I have, and when they do unlock other accounts I have, it takes them any where from two to four months.

I don’t want to wait 2 – 4 months to tweet content related to singleness and marriage and so on, so I created a second Twitter account.

I am very fed up and disgusted with Twitter.

They usually tell me they have locked down, suspended, or put my Twitter accounts on ice because there was “suspicious activity” going on, or they suspect I was using “automated means.”

Well, no. I don’t use automated anything, I simply type or paste text with links to my blog posts in them periodically, and most of my time is spent sharing other people’s tweets.

In other words, I am using Twitter for the purpose for which it was created but am being punished by Twitter for this.

It’s annoying, and I am sick of it.

I didn’t want to wait two to four months for Twitter to do their investigation to realize no, I was not doing anything “suspicious” on my account, nor was I using “automated means” before they’ll unlock it.

So please follow me at my new Twitter account in the mean time, if you were following my old one.  Thank you.

My new Twitter account:
(Link): sololoner3

My latest Twitter acccount (Twitter blocked the sololoner3 one):

(Link): muddypig6

Update: October 31, 2019.

Twitter unlocked my original account at some point, so I am back on here:

(Link): sololoner2

I will keep the other two twitter accounts in case the incompetents at Twitter locked down the original account again.

2 thoughts on “I Have a New Twitter Account – “sololoner3” – Update: They’ve locked this one down, too, for whatever reason. Update: I’m now “muddypig6” on Twitter”

    1. I joined Twitter under the “sololoner” name about five or six years ago (I forget exactly when), but I’ve been on there for a few years now,
      and I am not tweeting any differently on there now than I always have been,
      and they’re locking down my accounts left and right.

      I also have several other Twitter accounts I’ve had for years that are separate, where I tweet about OTHER topics, I behave on all these accounts.

      I don’t spam anyone. I don’t harass anyone.

      Yes, I occasionally get into heated exchanges with others on Twitter, then I block them, leave them alone, and go about my business. But I’m not abusing the accounts, nor am I abusing people on Twitter.

      Twitter is not only locking down my accounts associated with this blog, they’ve been doing the same to other Twitter accounts I have (ones that don’t have anything to do with the topics I tweet about or blog about here).

      I am at a loss to understand why accounts I’ve had for YEARS are suddenly being suspended or blocked left and right.

      And it literally takes two to four months for them to realize they made a mistake and should not have locked me down in the first place.

      (They usually send me an apology e-mail after several months, then they unlock my account.)

      Right now, I am on Twitter for this blog under the name (Link): “muddypig6.”

      If THAT account gets blocked, I may just give up on Twitter, at least for a good long while. I am sick and tired of this.

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