Urgent Warning For Users of Tinder and Other Dating Apps as Rapes and Sexual Assaults Stemming From Their Use skyrocket (2019 Australia)

Urgent Warning For Users of Tinder and Other Dating Apps as Rapes and Sexual Assaults Stemming From Their Use skyrocket (2019 Australia)

(Link): Urgent Warning For Users of Tinder and Other Dating Apps as Rapes and Sexual Assaults Stemming From Their Use skyrocket (2019 Australia)

Australians who use dating apps such as Tinder have been warned about the increasing amount of sexual assaults were linked to the online service.

NSW police have confirmed one in five sexual assaults within Sydney’s party spots in the CBD, Kings Cross, Darlinghurst and Newtown happened after an arrangement to meet through a dating app.

An investigation carried out by the Sunday Telegraph in the past three years found more than a dozen cases where men and women were raped, harassed or stalked after matching online.

Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec said dating app assaults were a growing concern.

Police have said they are not responsible for reporting dating app profiles of persons who have been charged with a crime.

Instead, dating app users are relied on to report verbal and physical assaults.

Dating app companies are challenged by how they can effectively track sexual predators using their platforms.

In one case, a female doctor who met a man on Tinder, was stabbed 11 times and doused in petrol by him after she tried to end their relationship.

Dr Angela Jay, who survived the ordeal, had matched with Paul Lambert on the app before agreeing to meet him in person.

But she was unaware he had been the subject of 10 apprehended violence order from five different women until she tried to end the relationship after six weeks.

‘It didn’t even occur to me I could be entering a relationship with a man who had a violent history,’ she said.

‘I had an assumption if you had been convicted of a crime or AVO there would be some sort of limit on your freedom.’

She then took out her own AVO on him before he violently attacked her at her Port Macquarie home in 2016.

Dr Jay has since become an advocate ending violence against women

In another case, a victim named Rose – a pseudonym to protect her identity- was raped by her Tinder date, John, after she wanted to end their relationship.

John, which turned out not to be his real name, turned up to Rose’s home in Sydney’s north uninvited several times, after her children had left and she was alone.

He turned up at Rose’s home one day and allegedly sexually assaulted her, forcing her to report the incident to police – something she didn’t feel confident doing until she was encouraged by a relative.

‘As I went inside I didn’t lock the door quick enough and he came in,’ she said.

‘He started trying to kiss my neck and I said no, don’t do it. You’re not doing this, it’s not going to happen.’

Rose locked all the doors and pulled all the blinds down in her home and refused to leave for days following the alleged assault.

…But Rose said John had begun using another dating app, which allows him to do so because his bail conditions don’t ban him from using social media.


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