Woman Almost Dies From Allergic Reaction After Sex With Husband by S. Osbourn

Woman Almost Dies From Allergic Reaction After Sex With Husband by S. Osbourn

Sometimes there are advantages and benefits to being sexually abstinent.

…And let this go to show that the Christian propaganda that marriage will lead to great, regular sex is a FALSEHOOD. Christians especially liked to emphasize that remaining a virgin until marriage leads to great, regular sex.

Well, in cases such as this one (and others I have on this blog), sometimes a person is physically incapable of having sex, because doing so is too physically painful – or impossible.

(Link): Woman Almost Dies From Allergic Reaction After Sex With Husband

Samuel Osborne, The Independent •
November 8, 2019

A woman nearly died from an allergic reaction after having sex with her husband,

The 46-year-old from Baltimore, Maryland, suffered an anaphylactic reaction to a medication her husband was taking through exposure to her husband’s semen, according to the case report in the American Journal of Medicine.

The report, titled “Almost Killed by Love: A Cautionary Coital Tale”, said she complained of dizziness, diarrhoea, itchy hands and feet, and severe sweating shortly afterwards.

The woman went to A&E and doctors initially believed she was suffering from sepsis due to her low blood pressure and she was put on an IV drip and given various antibiotics.

However, further tests revealed she was suffering from anaphylactic shock.

It was found that her husband had been treating a bacterial infection with a course of an antibiotic called nafcillin, which contains penicillin.

The woman had a history of penicillin allergy since she was a child and said she had not been exposed to penicillin since then.

The authors said they believe the woman was “exposed to nafcillin concentrated in the seminal fluid”.

After her blood pressure normalised and her symptoms improved, the woman was discharged from hospital with an epipen.

She was instructed to abstain from sexual intercourse with her husband until at least one week after he completed his course of antibiotics.


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