Single or Taken: Why Do We Care So Much? by Haley Nahman

Single or Taken: Why Do We Care So Much? by Haley Nahman

(Link): Single or Taken: Why Do We Care So Much? by Haley Nahman


Last fall, I had three isolated conversations with single friends that were eerily similar: Being single was fun for a while, they all said, but they were over it.

More pressingly, they felt ready for “the next step” in their lives but weren’t meeting the right people with whom to take it.

Each friend was feeling a distinct resulting sadness.

As I joined each of them in exploring the prevailing thinking on singlehood, our conversations went in an unproductive circle: “Maybe the answer is to learn to love to be alone and really dig into life as it is now instead of waiting for something to change it.

Or maybe the more enlightened approach is to be aware and unashamed of what you want and pursue it seriously. Or maybe that’s exactly when it doesn’t happen? Or maybe that’s a myth…”

…. A few months later, I asked hundreds of unattached people to tell me how they felt about being single.

Their answers proved, first and foremost, that being single is a much more nuanced experience than cultural stereotypes give it credit for. It’s not sad or fun as a rule; it can be both, neither, whatever. But weaved within many of the responses was a lesson I hadn’t anticipated and haven’t forgotten since: Not everyone cares to define themselves by the relationship binary.

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