Missouri 7th-Grader Says ‘Virginity Rocks’ Sweater Almost Got Him Suspended

Missouri 7th-Grader Says ‘Virginity Rocks’ Sweater Almost Got Him Suspended

These days, being a virgin or a celibate is really the only “taboo” sexual (non?) behavior left.

We have many (not all, but many) liberals screaming and yelling that every one should accept people with penises being permitted into locker rooms for biological women,
and we have both secular, liberal feminists and conservative Christians jumping on to the ‘Sex Positive’ train, where they defend pre-marital sex and write off adult virginity as being a “social construct,” and say you’re a “slut shamer” if you disagree.

So of course if someone speaks up in favor of virginity (or celibacy), it’s going to be looked at askew (when it’s not being mocked or insulted), as in this story.

I bet if this kid wore a shirt that said “Sex Positivity Rocks,” he would not have gotten into trouble.

This is the kind of world we live in now.

(Link): Missouri 7th-Grader Says ‘Virginity Rocks’ Sweater Almost Got Him Suspended

January 2020
by Jessica Chasmar

A seventh grade boy who wore a “Virginity Rocks” sweatshirt to school in Wentzville, Missouri, was forced to remove the shirt and threatened with suspension if he wore it again, his parents said Wednesday.

Londyn Piglowski, 13, told KMOV News that his social studies teacher pulled him out of class and escorted him to the principal’s office over the sweater on Monday.

“He said it was a little bit borderline for the school and he told me to take it off or flip it inside or else they would have to take action,” the boy said. “I didn’t think this was bad, so whenever they told me to take it off, I was, like, why am I taking this off because it’s a positive message?”

Londyn said he agreed to take off the sweatshirt, but his parents said the school district later threatened to suspend him if he wore it again.

“They teach sex ed,” said Todd Piglowski, the boy’s father. “How can you teach it but then say, ‘hey let’s not have it on a sweatshirt?’”


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