TikTok’s ‘Nurse Holly’ Facing Ridicule for Encouraging Abstinence Until Marriage

TikTok’s ‘Nurse Holly’ Facing Ridicule for Encouraging Abstinence Until Marriage

As I said about this headline on Twitter yesterday:

In today’s “anti slut shaming” and “pro sex positive, virginity is a social construct” (no, it’s not) society, every sexual behavior choice is supported EXCEPT FOR abstinence, which is mocked by both liberals AND many conservatives

The nurses who criticized “Nurse Holly” for her abstinence, as a group, (Link): are hypocrites. Why do I say that? Because some of them mock women virgins for being virgins when they come in for health screenings.

I can just imagine me, a 40-something virgin, going in to see one of these “sex positive, no slut shaming” nurses as part of a medical visit and them possibly finding out during questioning I’m still a virgin, and I’m sure they’d either roll their eyes or act incredulous or mock me for it – I had an experience like that in my late twenties when I had to see a doctor.

(Link): TikTok’s ‘Nurse Holly’ Facing Ridicule for Encouraging Abstinence Until Marriage– via FaithWire

(Link): TikTok’s ‘Nurse Holly’ Facing Ridicule for Encouraging Abstinence Until Marriage – via CBN News

January 18, 2020
by T. Goins-Phillips

“Nurse Holly” has amassed quite the following on TikTok. She uses her incredibly popular account to talk — and joke — about her career in the medical field. But now she’s facing scorn because she encouraged her 1.7 million followers to wait until they’re married to have sex.

In the video, which has since been deleted, Holly promoted the message, “The best way to prevent STDs is waiting for sex until marriage. Just the truth.”

Holly’s argument is airtight — if you don’t have sex until you’re married to your partner, the likelihood of contracting an STI is greatly decreased. But that (Link): didn’t stop other nurses from dragging her on Twitter.

“So tired of nurses acting a fool on their large platforms,” tweeted Sarah, a registered nurse. “Promoting irresponsible and biased rhetoric regarding public health in an effort to go viral is so low and so, so dangerous. Abstinence teaching does not equate to safe sex.”

“Healthcare professionals that don’t let judgment guide their practice let me hear y’all make some noise!” tweeted Diego, who is also a nurse.

…One woman sent a tweet to St. Thomas Health, a faith-based nonprofit based in Nashville, attempting to notify the health care system of Holly’s “very disturbing” perspective on sexuality.

As for Holly, who has chosen not to disclose her full name or share any personal information, she (Link): told BuzzFeed News she chose to delete the video because of the intense backlash she faced. She also apologized “for any offense that was taken” as she “only wish[es] to promote positivity and healthy lifestyles.”

Note how the folks at the “Indy100” site choose to frame this – it’s supposedly “dangerous” to advise folks that if they abstain from sex their chances of getting sexually transmitted infections is about zero – which is not “dangerous” teaching, it’s accurate:

(Link): This nurse is using TikTok to spread dangerous misinformation about STIs and people are outraged – via Indy100

If you are having pre-marital sex, you (Link): should feel shame. A lot of shame. If you contract an STD from fornication, the appropriate response is yes, more shame.

Maybe that shame, if you experience shame, and the negative consequences will cause you to pause and reflect to be more careful when, where, and with whom you have sex.

Please note here I am only discussing consensual sex, not sexual abuse or rape.

Too many virginity-haters and folks who detest “purity culture” teachings like to conflate all these concepts to erroneously preach an “any sex with anyone at any time for any reason is perfectly safe, healthy, and moral” view.

Other people who should feel shame:
People who shame virginity or virgins for being virgins, and people who shame people (such as Nurse Holly) for promoting abstinence until marriage – you guys also deserve a heap of scorn.

Just imagine, if you followed Nurse Holly’s advice, these news items won’t be a huge concern for you:

(Link): America’s dominant strain of HIV is getting more infectious as a result of “natural selection,” study warns

(Link): How would you tell a new partner about an STI? This may help you navigate that tricky conversation!


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ot Many Sexual Partners Pre-Marriage, Have Better Quality or Longer Lasting Marriages

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