‘I Prefer Cleaning My House Than Having Sex’ -various women talk about how they prefer house cleaning to having sex

‘I prefer cleaning my house than having sex’

(Link): Meet four women who prefer cleaning the house to having sex with their partners

CLEANING is the new sex – that’s what Jessie J says, anyway.

The Do It Like A Dude singer, who is in an on-off relationship with Magic Mike actor Channing Tatum, said: “Cooking, organising and sex are my favourite things, in that order.”

The 31-year-old said tidying was her “love language”, and she’s not the only celebrity who has taken to this new kind of clean living.

Stacey Solomon has been posting her favourite tidying tips on Instagram, while cleanfluencers such as Mrs Hinch and the Queen of Clean have taken over Instagram.

Here, Lynsey Clarke and Ally Einstein meet four women who prefer getting a leg over the bath tub to scrub the tiles to getting a leg over their man in the bedroom.

‘I get a high like an orgasm’

Tracy, 53

VACUUMING gives Tracy Fairbairn an endorphin rush like nothing else and she prefers dusting to sex.

The sports therapist from Doncaster, South Yorks, who has son Oliver, seven, with husband Simon, 53, a warehouse manager, says: “I clean for an hour in the morning and an hour at night.

On Sundays, I do a deep clean and it lasts seven hours.

At the end of that I have an endorphin high similar to the afterglow of an orgasm.

We used to have sex four times a week but we only do it twice now, since I started obsessively cleaning after having our son in 2012. Cleaning is my new sex.

My husband likes how the house looks but I think he worries about my relationship with the vacuum.

Hoovering gives me a real buzz. I love creating neat lines in the shagpile free of mess, and I love the euphoria I get when I see those neatly vacuumed carpets.

I have made my own essential oil carpet freshener which I spritz while I vacuum.

And I often think: “Who needs sex, which just messes up the bedroom?”

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