Christian Network TBN Now Airing Secular Commercials – Their Holy Land Amusement Park Tanking

Christian Network TBN Now Airing Secular Commercials – Their Holy Land Amusement Park Tanking

Well, this is interesting.

I don’t watch TBN nearly as often as I used to, but every so often, I do flip the channel over to see what is going on over there.

Certainly in the year 2020, TBN has been airing “secular” commercial advertisements for a company called “Car Shield.”

I think they may have been airing these ads in 2019.

Of course, the original founders of TBN have died in the last few years, with the son and his wife running things.

When Ma and Pa Crouch (that is, Jan and Paul) ran the network, they detested commercials.

They used to have “Praise A Thons” where they’d get their regular, money-grubbing, smarmy tele-evangelists to come on 24 hours a day for seven days straight, to lecture people about sending money to TBN, and making bogus “Wealth N Health” promises, that if you just mail Paul and Jan Crouch a few bucks, God would heal your cancer or bestow financial blessings upon  you.

After they died (Jan Crouch (Link): died in 2016), I think the son who took over the station realized that “Praise A Thons” were “Snooze A Thons,” so he dumped them.

Soon after dumping them, he tried 30 minute “infomercial” type blocks, where he and his wife would have a Christian author on to hawk whatever book they had recently published.

The deal was, if you mailed TBN some money, they would mail you a copy of that book. (They also use to sell baubles – if you sent them a donation, they would mail you some Jesus-themed doo-dad in return.)

That went on for a few years.

I wondered at the time if they could sustain their network on just that alone. Apparently not.

Because at some stage, they started running regular ads on their network. I bet Paul Crouch is turning over in his grave.

I’ve so far seen only ads for “Car Shield” on their network, and I think most of the ads last for five or more minutes, and usually at the conclusion of whatever Huckster Preacher they have on.

Holy Land Experience Amusement Park

TBN’s “Holy Land Experience” amusement park, which they promoted heavily on TBN while Jan Crouch was alive, is having problems.

I just saw an article the other day that says they are having to lay off park staff or something.

The TBN network heavily promotes the “Word of Faith” / “Prosperity Gospel” sham – they say if you’re doing the Lord’s work, that the Lord will never let you tank financially, but they themselves are having financial issues.

(Link): Holy Land Experience laying off most employees, closing 90% of park

…The Trinity Broadcasting Network owned The Holy Land Experience from 2007 to 2016 and later distanced itself from the attraction, but continued to promote the theme park and still owns the property where it stands.

TBN’s marketing director Nate Daniels told the Orlando Sentinel in January that the property is potentially up for sale.

“There’s been a lot of development in the area,” he said. “We own a significant part of land around the park, not just the park itself. There’s the possibility of selling a part of it and maintaining the actual park area.”

 The property is valued at $20.2 million, the Sentinel added.

(Link): TBN’s ‘Holy Land Experience’ Suffers Big Layoffs, Ending Most Attractions   

The Holy Land Experience, a Bible land theme park located in Orlando, Florida owned by the Trinity Broadcast Network or TBN, is laying off most of its employees in a corporate-wide reorganization.

…Back in January, the park announced it was ending all stage shows on its 15-acre property located northeast of Universal Studios Florida and would focus its efforts as a biblical museum, ending most of the attractions at the 19-year-old park.

(Link): Holy Land Experience Lays Off Workers

Feb 20, 2020

Florida theme park to focus on Bible museum.

Christian-oriented theme park in central Florida that describes itself as “bringing the Bible to life” is laying off most of its workers.

The Holy Land Experience last week filed notice with the city of Orlando and state officials announcing it would be eliminating 118 positions. That represents most of the jobs at the theme park in Orlando’s tourist corridor.

Holy Land Experience officials said in a letter that they were shifting focus from entertainment and theatrical productions to the park’s Biblical museum. The decision will allow them to (Link): continue to receive tax breaks signed into law by former Governor Jeb Bush.

(Link): Orlando Jesusland Layoffs Mean No More Daily Scourgings, Crucifixions

In other TBN related news:

(Link): Gospel singer Kirk Franklin announces boycott of Dove Awards, TBN

(CNN) — Gospel singer Kirk Franklin announced his boycott against the Dove Awards and the Trinity Broadcasting Network after the broadcaster censored Franklin’s award speech.

According to a lengthy Instagram video the singer posted Monday, TBN edited out the portion of Franklin’s speech in which he discussed police brutality against the black community.


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