Killer Dad Yanked Son’s Teeth Out With Pliers, Gave Him Coal For Christmas and Raped Him To Death With Stick

Killer Dad Yanked Son’s Teeth Out With Pliers, Gave Him Coal For Christmas and Raped Him To Death With Stick

Why I am posting a news article about a man who raped his own eight year old son to death with a stick (link is way below):

Conservative Christians today, including but not limited to Al Mohler, and secular conservative secular groups that promote marriage and the family – such as Bradford Wilcox’s “National Marriage Project” and “Institute for Family Studies” keep promoting a false view of marriage, parenthood, and the nuclear family: they all keep insisting that marriage, parenthood, and the Nuclear Family are all necessary to somehow improve culture, or to make people mature, godly, or responsible.

But I have many examples on this blog going back years of married people who are parents, who are in a nuclear family, who have been arrested for child porn, raping their own children, beating their wives, etc.

One can turn to the pages of the Bible and read about the families who sinned. King David was married with children, but he raped and indirectly had a man murdered. That’s but one example.

There is nothing, nothing, nothing about the Nuclear Family, marriage, or parenthood that makes people “better.”

The Bible may say marriage is permissible and children are a blessing, but it nowhere argues that everyone should get married and be in a nuclear family, or that God prescribes marriage and parenthood as a means of “fixing” or improving people or culture.

Here’s yet another example of how being married and a parent did not make a person more godly, loving, mature, or responsible:

(Link): Killer Dad Yanked Son’s Teeth Out With Pliers, Gave Him Coal For Christmas and Raped Him To Death With Stick

March 2020

by D. Cinone

A DAD accused of killing his son allegedly yanked the boy’s teeth out with pliers, gave him coal for Christmas and raped him to death with stick.

The boy’s parents – Mauricio Alejandro Torres, 50, and Cathy Torres, 48 – allegedly beat their son Maurice ‘Isaiah’ Torres with cables and shoes, a jury heard Monday.

Six-year-old Isaiah reportedly died of septic shock after being horrifically violated during a camping trip in March 2015 [the boy was raped by his father with a stick over eating a piece of cake].

His 12-year-old sister testified at her dad’s murder trial in Bentonville, Arkansas, and described witnessing her dad punish Isaiah by pulling out his teeth with pliers, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

Referring to her parents as “bio dad” and “bio mom,” the seventh grader said that Isaiah had to sleep in a dog cage at times.

She also claimed it was her duty to act as a guard and keep her brother from escaping to eat, as he had to stay in a large trash can for one month.

Isaiah’s sister told the jury that her biological parents treated him differently than his siblings.

When the girl and her twin sister would be fed cooked meals, or restaurant food, her young brother had to eat rice and beans – and sometimes peanut butter.

She claimed her parents never celebrated Isaiah’s birthday or gave him gifts for Christmas. Instead, she said Isaiah was given coal.

She also claimed to have seen her dad put a stick in between her brothers legs.

Not only did she allege they beat him with a stick, but she claimed they made her beat him also.

“I did it because I was afraid because I might get beat if I didn’t do it,” she said in court.

…In an interview on April 7, 2015, Torres told Bella Vista police he put a stick in his son’s rectum and made him do squats, which at one point Cathy forced him down onto the stick, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Dr. Stephen Erickson testified that the boy died after complications arose from an infection caused by sodomy.

…Graphic photos of Isaiah’s body were shown to jurors on Monday.

According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Erickson said the boy’s nose had been broken, some of his teeth were pulled or knocked out, and he had numerous wounds on his head.

A medic who treated Isaiah shortly before his death told the court the parents did not show any emotional response to news their son had died.

It’s alleged the schoolboy was violated with a stick by his dad for eating a small piece of cake without permission.
— end excerpts —

So. Was being in a Nuclear Family any safer for that little boy?

So, Christians, stop pushing this false premise that all kids will be better or safer in two parent families.

So, conservative think tanks and Christians:
Stop promoting this bogus view that married people with children are somehow more godly or better than single or childless or childfree adults – because the evidence bears out this is not so (and it’s not in the Bible, either).

Also, stop advising singles that the reasons singles are still single is that God is with-holding a spouse from them until they reach some milestone – become more spiritual or more godly or what not.

That there are so many married people who beat or rape their own children or their spouses is proof enough that God does not only “gift” spouses to folks who are righteous, loving, godly, or have all their shit together. There are plenty of perverts and abusers who manage to get married.

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