Men Complain About Minor Issues With Dating Sites While Women Discuss Being Sexually Assaulted or Harassed by Men They Meet on Dating Sites

Men Complain About Minor Issues With Dating Sites While Women Discuss Being Sexually Assaulted or Harassed by Men They Meet on Dating Sites

This is pretty common: in many ways, men have life much easier than women, but they think they have life harder, especially the sexist, bitter, and/or immature dolt men who post to “red pill,” Men’s Rights, or MGTOW groups online.

So, a lot of men end up complaining about problems that are pretty inconsequential as compared to the ones many women face on a regular basis, as is demonstrated in this article (which I was first made aware of by a lady on Twitter, @DLulabele):

(Link): What happened to Lucy on a Tinder date was chilling. It’s time to investigate dating apps


March 2020

It all started off pretty routinely: Lucy matched with a guy on Tinder, they chatted on the app, then they decided to meet up in person.

There was dinner, a movie, more banter – it was a fun date.

“He seemed lovely, I really liked him… He was a guy I could see myself dating.”

He drove up into the bush, towards the Dandenong Ranges on Melbourne’s outskirts. It’d be fun and they could sleep in the van, he said, despite Lucy’s protests.

“It was really scary and things definitely progressed more than I had wanted them to.”

Lucy told him she didn’t want to have sex, but her date didn’t listen.

“I was raped that night,” Lucy says.

On the ride back to her apartment the next morning, Lucy’s date seemed untroubled about what had happened the night before. He even gave her some advice on how to enjoy sex more.

“Because I hadn’t orgasmed, he was telling me, ‘You’ve just got to relax, blah blah’. He was giving me advice. I don’t think I said anything,” she said.

“I think we had a conversation and when we were talking about me not orgasming he was like, if you need help I’m happy to help you out, and I said look, I’m not going to be messaging you.”

The rapid rise of dating apps

Ten years ago, nobody had heard of the term ‘swipe right’; now it’s being used as a theme for weddings, while online stores sell baby onesies that say, ‘Tinder date went well.’

Finding love and hookups on dating apps is no longer niche: it’s now the number one way Australians meet their partners.

Knowing how ubiquitous dating apps have become in Australia, we were curious to find out more about what happens when dates arranged on apps go wrong.

In a survey last year, we asked our audience a question among many others about their lives: what’s the worst experience you’ve had on a dating app?

Most responses from men were more frustrations than concerns: “Met someone who was clearly much older than their profile claimed,” one man said. Another told us about a date who just wanted to watch reality TV at home.

For women like Lucy, on the other hand, what constituted a ‘bad’ experience was much worse.

One woman described being driven to a park and having her date masturbate in front of her. Another told us about being orally raped. Many others told us more stories of being sexually harassed, assaulted, stalked, and in a particularly shocking case, held hostage overnight.

We’re launching a crowdsourced investigation, and want your help

There’s surprisingly little information about how sexual harassment and assault plays out in the dating world now that it is dominated by apps and websites.

What we do know is that the problem is big enough to warrant a serious investigation: 13 per cent of respondents to triple j’s (Link): What’s Up In Your World survey, like Lucy, said they had an experience using a dating app that made them feel unsafe.


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