Average Age For Heterosexual Marriage Hits 35 for Women and 38 For Men (2020)

Average Age For Heterosexual Marriage Hits 35 for Women and 38 For Men (2020)

From a UK paper, but the trend for people not marrying at all ever or in their late 202/30s or older is the same in the United States:

(Link): Average Age For Heterosexual Marriage Hits 35 for Women and 38 For Men (2020)

ONS figures for 2017 also reveal marriages for opposite-sex couples at lowest level on record

April 2020
by Owen Bowcott

The average age at which heterosexual couples marry has reached 35.7 years for women and 38 years for men, according to the latest official figures.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recorded further declines in the number of couple’s opting for religious ceremonies and in overall marriages among opposite-sex couples in 2017.

Religious ceremonies accounted for less than one in four (23%) marriages between opposite-sex couples – the lowest on record – and only 0.6% of marriages between same-sex couples during that year.

The most popular date to get married in 2017 was 2 September, when 4,370 weddings took place; the least popular was Christmas Day with only three weddings. …

The figures for average age at marriage appear to have levelled off in recent years, suggesting that the trend for later marriages may be reaching a limit.

Between the ages of 16 and 29, the number of women getting married is larger than the number of men. From the age of 30 onwards, however, the number of men getting married is greater than the number of women.

The average age for men to marry in 2017 was 38, while for women it was 35.7 among heterosexual couples. By comparison, the average age at marriage for same-sex couples was slightly higher, at 40.1 years for men and 36.6 years for women, the figures show.

Over the past decade there has been a steep drop in opposite-sex marriages between men and women under 20. By contrast, marriage rates for those aged 65 years and over have increased, climbing 31% for men and 89% for women, the ONS said.

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