Black Lives Matter Vs. All Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Vs. All Lives Matter

Does the phrase “Black Lives Matter” suggest that white lives, and other non-black lives, do not matter? Yes, that is exactly what the phrase now suggests, despite claims to the contrary by its supporters; explanation to follow.

There is a difference between the sentiment (lower case letters) “black lives matter” (which I think, Neo-Nazi skinheads aside, most people agree with – yes black lives do matter) and the organization or group who call themselves Black Lives Matter (their site is (Link): here).

The leaders of the BLM group have (Link): admitted to being Marxists.

For further research: (Link): (video on You Tube): Black Lives Matter is a MARXIST, Anarchist Movement and They Admit It! 

The BLM (Black Lives Matter) group is not really about racism, fighting racism, and at this point, the many protests (affiliated with them or not), are not about fighting racism, or about George Floyd.

It’s all about overturning the entire American nation – ditching all of American history, free market capitalism, and ushering in some kind of Maoist, socialist hell-scape. That is their goal.

(Some of the black members of BLM, or those sympathetic to their group, are not above trying to exploit white guilt to get monetary funds – I may be mentioning more about that in a future post.

So, their concern is not about equal opportunity for, or gaining respect for, black people with this crowd; it’s about Marxism and getting money.

White, left wing authors who sell books about “white fragility” are also con artists, getting a piece of this pie. )

Hence, why the rioters (not “protesters”) went from knocking down statutes of Confederate Generals to then going after statues of Union Generals, abolitionists, and other historic figures who never owned slaves or who fought against slavery, or who had nothing to do with slavery.

They hate Western Civilization and will attack and want to erase any vestiges of such.

The organization Black Lives Matter (Link): doesn’t support the nuclear family but are into some pretty far left wing stuff that I don’t think everyone would agree with – even those who march in protests carrying posters that say “black lives matter.”

(I myself think that conservatives and most churches put way too much emphasis upon the nuclear family, which is wrong of them to do, but I am not opposed to the nuclear family in and of itself.)

A lot of average liberals and proponents of C.R.T. ((Link): Critical Race Theory – which includes concepts such as, but not limited to, Identity Politics, White Fragility and White Privilege) say that anyone who uses the phrase “All Lives Matter” misunderstands the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”

Even some Christians are unfortunately falling for some of this deception and nonsense, as I periodically see well-intentioned but wrong-headed editorials such as this one (on the Christian Post site): (Link, off-site): Should Christians say ‘white power’ and #AllLivesMatter? by Greg Jao (More on this editorial by Jao below.)

The supporters of the phrase and the group insist that the phrase “Black Lives Matter” does not mean that White (or Asian, Native, and Latina, etc.) lives do not matter.

Far left and moderate liberals have even whipped up cartoons that pop up all over social media to address this point:

In one, a meme has a cartoon of a house on fire, someone screaming, “look a house is on fire,” and a cartoon woman pointing to her own house (which is not on fire) saying, “my house matters too.” (You can view that image (Link): here)

(Maybe the cartoon woman’s house is not on fire, but perhaps she’s behind on her mortgage because she was a housewife depending on her husband’s income to pay it, he died of a heart attack, and so she is about to be evicted.

Maybe her pipe sprung a leak which has ruined her foundation. Maybe her home is infested with termites or roaches.

Just because the white woman’s house is not on fire doesn’t mean her house doesn’t have other problems – and some of her issues may be just as, if not more, pressing than black people’s problems (i.e., a house being on fire).

What’s the worse thing to happen to multi-millionaire black woman Oprah Winfrey lately, Tiffany’s ran out of stock on some diamond necklace she wanted? 

It’s not like whites aren’t dealing with their own pressing problems; take for example this 2019 article: (Link): Find out why middle-aged white men have the highest suicide rate in America – and (Link): “Suicide in America is Dominated By White Men”

“Micro-aggressions” and “Cultural Appropriations” will not kill you.

More (Link): white people die from white police officers than black men do. (Stats from that page also available at (Link): on this page)

By the way, the recent Black Lives Matter rioting and the removal of police from Seattle for a week – in the formation of CHAZ (also known as CHOP) – resulted in the (Link): murders of black people by black people.

(See also: (Link): Who Kills African Americans?

And: (Link): Black Americans Killed in Riots Across American Cities 

And for the far left who think that destroying buildings is not a big deal:

(Link): Riots Are Violence

(Link): Of Course Destruction of Property Is Violence)

Furthermore, black-owned businesses have been looted and burned to the ground, which those business owners were not happy with.

So, how is this Critical Race Theory, Intersectionalism, and Identity Politics working out for you?

The only politicians who are cowering to this are white, very liberal Democrats who reside in “blue” cities, and crime is starting to go up in “blue” cities that are de-funding their police, such as New York City. (You can read more about that at (Link): CNN’s page or (Link): NBC News)

It doesn’t look like “whiteness” is the problem working against black Americans here, but rather, other black Americans, the ones who are into rioting, Marxism, Socialism, and CRT.  

I believe initially, in the day or two after the death of a black man named George Floyd by a white police officer, when people marched, I do believe that most (or some) of the protesters were sincerely marching on Floyd’s behalf.

I do believe that most of the protesters at that early stage do sincerely believe that the phrase “black lives matter” does not mean to exclude Asians, white people, or other groups.

However, it is my contention, after watching the protests go on and on for over a week, when they devolved into rioting and looting, and after watching the resulting far left commentary in the media about those riots, that those participating in the riots, even the ones wearing “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts, belong to far left groups who do not value the lives of white people as much as they do black lives.

As the “protests” continued over the days and weeks, I believe there was a convergence of groups – some far left liberals, socialists, antifa (or am I being redundant?) who took over the protests to use them as a pretext to attack police officers, to loot stores, and so on.

(And yes, one far-right idiot, Steven Carrillo, of a far right group called Boogaloo Boys used the George Floyd protests as cover to shoot and kill a black federal officer named David Patrick Underwood.)

I have noticed that most of the protesters range in age from teens, to 20-somethings, to their early 30s.

Our nation has been in lock-down over the Covid 19 virus for around three months now – schools and colleges are shut down, many people are out of work, movie theaters, bars, and night clubs are closed. These kids and young adults are probably bored and are using the protests to get out of the house and have something to do.

BLM Supporters Show Contempt and Hatred For White Women

In the future, I’d like to do another blog post outlining how hatred of white women has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few weeks, to the stage that the far left and BLM sympathizers  demonize white women and think this demonization and harassment of white women (Link): is perfectly fine.

I first wrote of the (Link): far left’s hatred about white women two years ago.

The hatred from some segments of American culture for white women has gotten much worse in the past few weeks, with far leftists of all skin colors mocking and harassing white women online, dubbing all white women as being “Karens,” and (Link): black men have been targeting and following white women home to video them as they are being verbally abused and threatened.

How can any group of people convince me that they value the lives of white women, as well as black lives, when they are perfectly fine with targeting white women for harassment in real life and on social media, as they’ve been doing repeatedly? And some of them try to justify this.

There have been examples in the last couple of years of far leftists calling for (Link): the genocide of white people, black people wanting segregated areas where whites are told they cannot go (this has happened at universities, and more recently at “CHOP” in Seattle).

Does any of that sound like white lives are being valued or respected? It sure does not sound like it to me.

Here are some examples:

(Link): Hallowed Halls of Academia? Cambridge Defends, PROMOTES Embattled Professor Who Says ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’

(Link): In 1995 letter, New York Times’ 1619 Project founder says she doesn’t hate whites even though they’re ‘barbaric devils’

(Link): Washington Post editor Karen Attiah: ‘White women are lucky’ we’re ‘not calling for revenge’

(Link): ‘No white people are allowed on this road’: Man, woman say group with guns attacked them, damaged their car near Atlanta Wendy’s

Group Vs. Individuals – View Everything Through Marxist Prism

Now we get to the main point, why the phrase “Black Lives Matter” does in fact mean that white lives do not matter in the CRT, far left paradigm.

The far left, BLM proponents, and adherents of CRT (Critical Race Theory) do not view you or themselves as individuals, but as representatives of the group to which you or they belong.

In this way of thinking, your group identity – if you are male, female, homosexual, black, or white or what have you – is of primary concern.

It is felt by CRT practitioners (which would include BLM and the far left) that some groups have been historically more oppressed than others. In their view, in American history, white (straight, biological) men have sat at the top of the pyramid of privilege, with black people or homosexuals at the very bottom of the pecking order.

Those at the bottom of this hierarchy are considered the most victimized. They have the most grievances.

All these BLM, far left, identity politics obsessed wackos do is invert that pyramid.

Currently, and over the last few years, it seems that the far left consider Transgender persons to be the number one most aggrieved group, followed by black persons.

Due to the Victim Hierarchy maintained by the far left, in which those considered most victimized are afforded the most influence, control, and power, there is no equality.

White people (especially those who are hetero and who are called “cis”) will always be at the bottom of the totem pole. White persons are instructed they have “white privilege” and are often told by the other victim groups to shut up and merely listen to the other groups.

It is thought by the far left that white (hetero) individuals have had a monopoly on money, resources, and that they have been “hogging the spotlight” of academia, entertainment, and other spheres of life for many decades.

White people in this far left schema are therefore not afforded as much respect, care, or consideration as are those deemed most victimized; whites are thought to be no longer as deserving as other groups, who have been neglected.

White people appear at the very bottom of the inverted list of privileged people in the Hierarchy of Victim Groups. Whites are essentially being told now, by this far left community, to sit down, shut up, and cede the floor to non-whites.

And apparently, Black Lives Matter (the group) – and of course the far left – (Link): do not like Jewish people. Jewish lives and property don’t matter to them – but the lives of far left, socialist, Marxist blacks sure do.

The BLM, Antifa, Marxist, socialist rioters feel perfectly fine (Link): vandalizing synagogues. If you’re BLM, Antifa, and etc, you must not value non-black, non-Marxist lives if you’re okay with destroying Jewish houses of worship. 

This taken into consideration, it’s more than disingenuous for any liberal, far leftist, CRT advocate, BLM supporter, or secular (or Christian) feminist, to declare that the phrase “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean that blacks take precedence over whites, or that white lives do not matter, because it sure in fact does mean those very things. That is the logical outworking, natural out-working of creating, and abiding by a Hierarchy of Victims (where whites are placed on the lowest rung).

As to the (Link): essay at the Christian Post by Jao mentioned above, where he writes,

— start except—
Why “Black Power” Is Okay, But “White Power” Is Not

The phrase “Black Power”—a potent assertion of Black dignity, Black agency, and Black creativity—became widespread in the late 1960s. It was that era’s #BlackLivesMatter.

Both “Black Power” and “#BlackLivesMatter” are prophetic responses to the sins committed against the Black community by our country beginning with the arrival of the first enslaved Africans 400 years ago and continuing to the present day.

Both phrases emerged out of on-going agony, discrimination, and marginalization. Although secular creeds, both phrases resonate deeply with Scriptural truths about human purpose, dignity, and value. In what is implied and what is stated, both are compressed songs of lament and resistance.
—end excerpt —

I have several problems with Jao’s essay. The entire thing is littered with CRT lingo, and I reject the majority of CRT. (Off site link: What is CRT? A Primer)

As I began saying above, initially, I think some who used the phrase “black lives matter” in the last few years genuinely do believe that white lives also matter.

But words and phrases change over time, and sometimes, certain groups co-opt a phrase and turn it into something else – which is what has happened with the phrase “black lives matter”.

We are at a point now where, no, the term can no longer be assumed to mean “black lives matter [but so do white lives]”

The term “Black Lives Matter” has become a dog whistle to those who dislike white people, who think it’s fine to group all white women together by what has become the derogatory name “Karen,” and to harass white women in real life or on social media.

The belief that “white people are just as valuable as black people” being assumed but left unspoken in the phrase “black lives matter” is not how the phrase is currently being used by a lot of far left individuals on twitter, the media, or in protests.

Further, the phrase “black lives matter” is not consistent with Critical Race Theory itself, which ends up placing all whites in a group, and at that, one that is at the bottom of all other groups. In CRT, white lives are worthless – or certainly not considered as valuable as that of non-whites.

CRT authors do not understand and define terms in the same way words are used in the mainstream, by average people (you can see examples (Link): on this page).

What the phrase “white supremacy” and “white supremacist” means to CRT intellectuals and authors, and what those terms mean to ordinary people are two different things.

CRT, which is intertwined with Black Lives Matter, is a cult; it’s like a religion.

Just as cults such as Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses define terms like “grace,” and so on, differently from mainstream Christians, so too does CRT have differing definitions from how average people understand them. (I intend on writing a post about the CRT-religion parallels eventually.)

White women above all should not get on-board with, condone, or defend the Black Lives Matter movement (including any marches on their behalf), Identity Politics, or Critical Race Theory movement(s) (and any of its off-shoot teachings, such as Intersectionality, “White Fragility,” “White Privilege”) which I will explain in a future post, time permitting.

If you are a white woman who does participate in those things or groups, you are either being a Useful Idiot or a stooge.

I’m looking at your actions, BLM, Intersectional Feminists, Social Justice Warriors – not your words.

One of several reasons I have walked partially away from the Christian faith in years past – after having been a devout Christians for over 35 years – is observing that the actions of many Christians – and I include the progressive Christians in this, not just the conservatives – don’t match their professed beliefs of love and compassion. 

The actions and attitudes of BLM, who tell me they respect and value all life, including white life, is not being demonstrated in their treatment or attitudes of white people, and not towards black people who don’t share their political views.

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According to news coverage, this woman was shot and killed by some Black Lives Matter protesters for saying “All lives matter””

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December 2020:

(Link): EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: OU ‘mandatory diversity training’ discourages saying ‘All Lives Matter’

(this post has been edited since publication to add clarifying comments and may be edited in the future to add more links or commentary)

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From a satire site:

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