Married Couple (Man, Woman) Rape and Murder Eight Year Old Girl

Married Couple (Man, Woman) Rape and Murder Eight Year Old Girl

I am not opposed to marriage, but I am in strong disagreement with the many conservative persons or groups who keep arguing that marriage is necessary to make people godly, loving, ethical, or responsible.

The Bible, first of all, does not teach that concept at all (it actually says per 1 Cor 7 that the state of singleness is preferable to marriage).

Secondly, as the many examples on my blog show of married couples who rape and murder each other or other people, there is nothing about marriage that manifests good, moral behavior in those who are married

(Link): A little girl’s last moments: Russian child, eight, who ran away from her parents following an argument is raped and killed ‘after she was picked up in a car by a married couple’


July 10, 2020

An eight-year-old Russian girl who ran away from home following an argument with her parents was raped and killed after being picked up by a married couple in their car, Russian police have said.

More than 500 people volunteered to search for missing Vika Teplyakova after she was seen in for a final time in CCTV footage walking alone along a road. 

Wearing a T-shirt and blue shorts, the girl was reportedly trying to reach her friends in the town where the family used to live.

She was missing three days before a 32-year-old woman told police she and her husband had given the child a lift.

The couple were identified as Igor and Kristina Dvornikov, and officers today released pictures of the detained husband and wife suspected of carrying out the horrific crimes.

The man told his wife he would ‘attack’ the girl and ‘the woman did nothing to stop it because she was too scared of him’, according to a police source. 

The girl was raped and strangled with a plastic bag. She died on Monday, the day she disappeared, said police.

The woman showed police where her body was hidden near a lake, said law enforcement. 

Igor Dvornikov initially denied abducting, abusing and killing the girl, but later confessed, according to law enforcement.  


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