Husband Admits Having Sex With Chickens Three Times While His Wife Filmed It

Husband Admits Having Sex With Chickens Three Times While His Wife Filmed It

Let’s reflect on how news stories such as this one (I also have a blog post about a news story about a married man who has sexual intercourse with his pet horse, and his wife knows about it), demonstrates the falsehoods of teachings and opinions about marriage by Southern Baptist Al Mohler, other marriage-idolating Christians, and secular pro-marriage think tanks, such as Bradford Wilcox and his “National Marriage Project” group….

First of all. That this man is married to a human woman and yet also having sex with chickens goes to show that God does not grant marriage as a reward or gift to those who reach some level of maturity or godliness
(yes, this is a common teaching among Christians in much of their dating and marriage material I read while a teen and in my 20s – and I still sometimes see this same view even now, in the past few years.
Such Christian material suggests if you’re not married by some age or the other, it’s because God is intentionally with-holding a spouse from you, until you mature more, or become more godly, or more “whatever.”)

Secondly, marriage obviously did not make this man more mature, godly, or responsible than someone who doesn’t marry.

I’ve never married but would never have sex with an animal – it’s a form of animal abuse, it’s gross, and in this situation, a grown human man’s penis in an orifice of a much smaller being (including chickens or human infants – yes, some grown men have been known to rape infants) can physically injure or even KILL the recipient.

There is NOTHING about marriage that forces or causes everyone to suddenly become more loving, ethical, mature, godly, or responsible. Being married sure didn’t keep the guy in this story from being an animal abuser and a pervert, after all.

Also contrary to some guy who dropped by this blog of mine years ago – the Bible teaches that when people engage in sexual sin, their offense is not just hurting the person (or animal) they are molesting, but they are degrading THEMSELVES in the process.

I’d rather stay single than marry a man who has sex with animals.

(Link): Husband Admits Having Sex With Chickens Three Times While His Wife Filmed It

by John Davies

August 2020

Rehan Baig and his wife Haleema appeared at Bradford Crown Court, where he admitted to a series of disturbing offences involving animals

Rehan Baig, 37, appeared at Bradford Crown Court with his wife Haleema, also 37, on Friday.

He entered guilty pleas to a total of 11 charges including three of performing an act of penetration on chickens, (Link): Yorkshire possessing extreme pornographic images relating to sex acts with dogs and chickens and drugs offences.

Prosecutor Abigail Langford said Haleema Baig had already admitted three charges of aiding and abetting “intercourse with an animal” during the couple’s first appearance before the magistrates.

“Mrs Baig accepts filming her husband Rehan Baig having sexual intercourse with a chicken,” she told Judge Jonathan Gibson.

…Haleema Baig pleaded not guilty to charges relating to the extreme pornographic images and the drugs matters.

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