Husband Takes His Own Life ‘Because of Lack of Sex’ and His Wife Is Arrested

Husband Takes His Own Life ‘Because of Lack of Sex’ and His Wife Is Arrested

This sounds like both a Christian gender complementarian nightmare AND a dream.

From the male complementarian perspective, it would be a nightmare to live without sex because the sexist douche bags (i.e., Christian complementarians) are entitled and have no concept of self sacrifice, self control, nor have any of them heard of masturbation.

The “dream” part is the notion that their wife would be imprisoned or put to death for having refused to “put out.”

This is the nightmare AND dream of sexist jackasses such as, but not limited to, Douglas Wilson, John Piper, Owen Strachan, Al Mohler, and Mark Driscoll.

(Link): Husband Takes His Own Life ‘Because of Lack of Sex’ and His Wife Is Arrested

Geeta Parmar has been arrested in Gujarat, India, after her mother-in-law blamed her for the death of husband Surendrasinh, who reportedly took his own life last month

The grieving widow faces charges in India following a criminal complaint by the man’s mother.

Geeta Parmar is accused of “abetment to suicide” following husband Surendrasinh’s death.

Police arrested her even though she wasn’t present when her husband passed away.

Her mother-in-law blames the 32-year-old for the tragedy, and she was arrested by police in Gujarat as a result, the Times of India reports.

In a criminal complaint, Surendrasinh’s mother Muli claimed that the couple did not sleep together during their 22 month marriage.

This, she claims, caused her son “mental stress” and led to his death.

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