U.S. Divorce Rates Skyrocket Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

U.S. Divorce Rates Skyrocket Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

(Link): Divorce rates in America soar by 34% during the COVID-19 pandemic

(Link): U.S. Divorce Rates Skyrocket Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

by E. Rosner

Divorce rates have spiked in the U.S. during the coronavirus pandemic as couples have been stuck at home for months.

The number of people looking for divorces was 34 percent higher from March through June compared to 2019, according to new data collected Legal Templates, a company that provides legal documents.

The combination of stress, unemployment, financial strain, death of loved ones, illness, homeschooling children, mental illnesses, and more has put a significant strain on relationships.

The data showed that 31 percent of the couples admitted lockdown has caused irreparable damage to their relationships.

Interest in separation during quarantine peaked on April 13 — just about 15-20 days into when the vast majority of states began lockdowns.

“This uptick could coincide with what health and human services professionals refer to as the ‘disillusionment phase’ of the Phases of Disaster– the time when optimism turns to discouragement, stress heightens, and negative reactions often occur,” the group wrote.

They also found that newlyweds took the hardest hit.

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