Woman Bites Husband’s Penis After He Refuses to Kill Rat in Their Home

Woman Bites Husband’s Penis After He Refuses to Kill Rat in Their Home

Does marriage make people more godly, loving, responsible, ethical, and mature as matria-mania promters such as but not limited to Southern Baptist Al Mohler and “National Marriage Project’s” Bradford Wilcox like to argue?

Why no, it does not. Here’s another example.

(Link): Woman bites husband’s penis after he refuses to kill rat in their home

By Yaron Steinbuch
September 4, 2020 | 12:17pm

A Zambian woman sank her teeth into her husband’s genitals because she was infuriated that he refused to kill a rat in their home, according to a report.

Abraham Musonda, 52, suffered the gruesome injury when his wife Mukupa, 40, returned to their home in the town of Kitwe after drinking out with her friends and discovered the rodent, the Zambian Observer reported.

The two are separated and have separate bedrooms in the same home, Bothwell Namuswa, deputy police commissioner in Copperbelt Province, told the Observer.

Mukupa claimed the rat was pestering her in her room so she asked Musonda to get rid of it – then gnawed into his manhood when he refused and caused a “major tear.”

Nice choice of stock photography, New York Post!

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