How the Left Uses ‘Love’ to Silence Debate

How the Left Uses ‘Love’ to Silence Debate

(Link):  How the Left Uses ‘Love’ to Silence Debate

by J. Pedar Zane

Left-wing activists and the liberals who fear them love signs – the de rigueur accoutrement for today’s virtuous lawn is a poster (or two, or three) declaring that “In this house we believe science is real, black lives matter, love is love.”

….This effort to co-opt basic values, to claim they belong to just one political group, is false, ugly and divisive. It denies the humanity of those who dissent from the left’s aggressive demands. It silences debate by reframing complexities of COVID-19 and policing, race and American history to moral questions. You’re either good or evil.

This Manichaean strategy has risen to the fore because the ascendant left has sought to transform America, no questions asked. Just a few years ago, Democrats believed that we were an essentially good country that had made meaningful strides on race and gender.

They agreed that the police were a flawed but necessary tool for maintaining safety.

Not anymore.

…Thus they tell us the issue is not about what they want to do and whether it will work, but about love. That’s our side – are you for us or against us?  Journalist Abigail Shrier details one dangerous outcome of this strategy in her new book, “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.”

Most Americans had never given much thought to transgenderism until 2016, when North Carolina Republicans passed a bill restricting single-sex bathrooms to biological boys and girls. Let me say at the outset that I believe the law was stupid and unnecessary; no one was complaining about “men” using the ladies room.

But the left went to war, presenting transgenderism as an all-or-nothing civil rights issue. The message: Embrace every demand of trans activists without question or be branded a hater. While acknowledging the need to respect the dignity and equality of trans adults, Shrier’s eye-opening book illuminates the devastating impact this cultural change is having on teenage girls.

She reports that transgenderism has long been a rare condition – historically about one in 10,000 people suffer from the medical condition known as “gender dysphoria.”

…In the last decade, Shrier reports, this figure has increased 1,000 percent. “Two percent of high school students,” she reports, “now identify as transgender.” Shrier notes that transgenderism was so rare among girls that before 2012 “there was no scientific literature on girls ages eleven to twenty-one ever having developed gender dysphoria at all.”

…Although one would expect that a condition allegedly rooted in DNA would occur somewhat evenly across all races and classes, Shrier’s research found that these girls largely come from white, upper-middle-class families. She reports that Dr. Lisa Littman of Brown University found that one of the best predictors that a girl might feel she was born in the wrong body is having friends who believe they were, too. Littman calls this root cause “peer contagion.”

… The hardest hit group is young girls who have historically suffered from self-esteem and body image issues far more than boys

You can read more of that editorial (Link): here (on Real Clear Politics)

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