People Are Happier Spending Time With Their Friends Than With Their Families, Study Finds

People Are Happier Spending Time With Their Friends Than With Their Families, Study Finds

If marriage-idolater and single-adult-shamer Bradford Wilcox, of “National Marriage Project” and “Institute of Family Studies” gets wind of this, I fully expect him to try to refute it by saying that married people are happier spending time with their spouses.

Wilcox, Al Mohler, and other marriage-obsessed anti-singleness bigots don’t care about truth – they care about pushing their pro-marriage agenda at all costs.

(Link): People Are Happier Spending Time With Their Friends Than With Their Families, Study Finds 

People are happier when they are with their friends than with their partner or children, a study has found

More than 400 volunteers were asked to rank how much they enjoyed a recent moment with their friends and family

The questionnaires revealed spending time with romantic partners scored the lowest out of the three groups, with friends pipping children to the top spot.

However, the researchers say people are not the issue, it is what people do in the company of each group.

When meeting up with friends, fun activities are on the agenda. On the flip side, being with children and partners often involves chores and other fun-sapping tasks.

  …But he urges adults to make more of a conscious effort to ‘mentally savour’ the happier experiences with family more than they do

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