It Took A Pandemic to Get Yale to Endorse Abstinence

It Took A Pandemic to Get Yale to Endorse Abstinence

This is hosted on HotAir’s blog and is a “VIP” article. I do not pay a monthly fee, so I am unable to read the entire article. 

(Link): It Took A Pandemic to Get Yale to Endorse Abstinence


….At Yale, however, one of the nation’s allegedly most prestigious Ivy League institutions, the faculty has been working on ways to keep all of their charges safe from COVID even when they’re not engaged in scholastic activities with their professors.

They’ve published a guide on how to safely have sex while reducing the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.

…But near the end, they actually put forward an idea with considerable merit. The best way to have sex during the pandemic may be to do it remotely.

The HotAir post references this news article about it:

(Link): Yale Publishes Graphic Guide to COVID-Proof Sex


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