Vietnamese Factory Busted Recycling Hundreds of Thousands of Used Condoms

Vietnamese Factory Busted Recycling Hundreds of Thousands of Used Condoms

This is so very gross. There are advantages to being celibate – when you’re not having sex, you don’t have to worry about stuff like this.

(Link): If you go to Vietnam, bring your own! Police seize 324,000 used condoms being washed ready to be resold

Police in Vietnam have seized 324,000 used condoms which were being recycled to be sold again.

Paid workers were tasked with cleaning the rubber contraceptives before reshaping them with wooden dildos.

The condoms were then repackaged before being resold to the public and thousands had already been sent out to the unsuspecting public.

(Link): Vietnamese Factory Busted Recycling Hundreds of Thousands of used Condoms

Sept 23, 2020
by Natalie O’Neill

So much for “protection.”

A factory in Vietnam was busted washing and reselling more than 320,000 used condoms to pass them off as new, according to police who raided the dangerous operation.

To “recycle” the dirty rubbers, Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc, 32, allegedly had roughly 1,000 of them delivered per month to the facility in Tan Uyen Town, where she cleaned and reshaped them, according to the Vietnam Insider.

Pham, who rented the facility, remolded the jimmies with a wooden shaft to make them look fresh again — then placed them in new packaging, the local outlet reported.

During the raid on Saturday, local police seized a total of 324,000 used condoms, officials said. Thousands more had already been sold to unsuspecting customers.

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