Twitter (pre-Musk) Really Doesn’t Want You Knowing About Those Hunter Biden Laptop Videos

Twitter (pre-Musk) Really Doesn’t Want You Knowing About Those Hunter Biden Laptop Videos – they’re a Democrat Platform

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First, Twitter (Link): locked down the New York Post’s twitter account over the Post’s coverage about Hunter Biden’s laptop, and as of last night, Twitter not only locked down my “sololoner” account, but several of my other Twitter accounts. Why?

Well, for a few days, mainstream conservative sites, such as Gateway Pundit and commentators under Hot Air blog posts about the story, published links as to where some of the content from Hunter Biden’s lap top videos could be viewed (which is how I found out about it).

Last night, some lady left a question under a conservative guy’s tweet asking what the content was, where or how could any of us view it?

So I told her, well, all you have to do is visit the Chinese news site (Link): and a user by the name of “Gundam00” has posted a few of them. I did not even link to the actual videos, only to that site’s home page, upon which there are many videos, not just ones about Hunter Biden.

(Since I last visited that site, it looks like Gundam00 has been quite busy. He’s uploaded several more Hunter Biden still captures from Biden’s videos, or more videos, such as (Link): this one (warning: contains nudity, albeit the naughty bits have been heavily pixelated -update: that link goes back to the main page, though it should be linking directly to one particular video))

(Link): China’s GTV Releases Two More Videos of Hunter Biden — Sex Selfies from Laptop — Videos 3 and 4


Earlier tonight China’s GTV loaded video of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden smoking crack cocaine while engaging in sex with an unknown person.

GTV is a Chinese channel in Mandarin.


GTV promised more video to come….

And now there is video of Hunter taking a selfie while having sex.

…And there is another video of Hunter taking a dick shot.
—- end excerpt —

Shortly after I tweeted a reply to the lady on twitter, where all I did was link her to gtv’s home page, a message appeared on my twitter page saying, “Suspicious activity detected, will lock down your account.”

So I thought, okay. I guess I’ll just log off for the night.

I logged in today, and a new notice appeared saying that I had to delete that reply to that lady if I wanted my account restored, so I deleted it.

But then, I noticed that Twitter also locked down other accounts I have, including ones I never tweet political content from, many of them I did not even log into at all yesterday. (I tried logging into several of these accounts this afternoon, which is how and when I found out.)

I tweeted that gtv link that Twitter objects to (and just to the site’s home page, I did not even link to specific Biden videos!) from just that ONE account, my “solo loner” account – yet Twitter locked down all of my other accounts. But I did not share that gtv link on any other accounts, only the one.

If Twitter suspending the New York Post account over the Biden video, and then blocking all of mine (even ones totally unrelated to the offense), doesn’t convince you that social media platforms are heavily tilted in favor of Democrats and against conservatives, I’m not sure what else to say.

In the past, Twitter did not stop leaks appearing, whenever any liberals and Never Trumpers posted leaked information about Trump, even false claims (like he supposedly urinated on a prostitute in Russia – that was later shown to (Link): be bogus, or at least highly dubious in authenticity,  but Trump haters badly want it to be real, for some reason).

All the outlets publishing (Link): leaked Trump tax information were not blocked or deleted.

But the moment you print anything even remotely pointing to a source that can be damaging to the Democrat’s candidate, Joe Biden, the social media guys go into over-drive to censor, ban, delete, and suspend.

The double standards that the rank and file Democrats and liberals engage in, and that the mainstream media revel in, have really been intensified in the last few weeks leading up to the 2020 election of Trump Vs. Biden.

And, of course, it’s not just Twitter – Facebook has gotten into the “kill free speech” act lately, too. Facebook spokespersons announced that they would limit any links or news reports on Facebook about the Hunter Biden laptop. Because of course.

You just know if it was Donald Trump Jr. in question, none of these sites would be halting, censoring, or blocking anything or anyone.

Even if one does not wish to believe that Hunter Biden had child porn on his laptop (yes, some news reports say there is child porn on Biden’s lap top), his lifestyle still looks pretty sad.

In one clip I saw, Biden is totally nude reclined in a bed, a woman (or man?) is running her (his?) foot up and down his penis, all the while he’s smoking a crack pipe (I think it’s a crack pipe) with the television on. I only watched a bit of this video before getting bored and grossed out and clicked out of that window.

Other screen caps from the Biden videos show this guy (Hunter Biden) taking dick pics in his hotel room, half-stoned in a bed with what appears to be a crack pipe hanging out of his mouth…
Other sources say he slept with his dead brother’s wife at another point in time, may have sexually molested his under-age niece (there is supposedly a photo of him snorting crack off her or the teen-aged daughter of some senator), and he had orgies and one night stands with strippers.

I look at that lifestyle, I’m reading about it on these news sites, and it seems sad.

Judging by his facial expressions in the photos, Biden doesn’t appear to be gaining any joy out of the debauchery. Just seems to be a very empty, unfulfilling, hollow life. He probably needs to be in therapy and not in hotel rooms using prostitutes and drugs.

UPDATE: (Link): Joe Biden’s son Hunter posing nude with under-aged girl – blog post at Gateway Pundit.


Perhaps the most disturbing revelations in the many files on the Hunter Biden laptop is the family’s actions surrounding Hunter’s inappropriate and possibly criminal behavior with a certain minor.

…We now have proof that Hunter was exposing himself for naked selfies with a certain minor in the same room!

This first picture (that has been heavily redacted) shows Hunter taking a photo of himself again fully exposed with a certain minor in the room on the bed.

This second picture shows Hunter in bed [visit the Gateway Pundit blog post to view the photos].  The certain minor is next to him the bed in the photo.

…There are no records that any of this was brought to the attention of the police by the Biden family.

More Updates / Edits:

(Link): Hunter Biden Recorded Video of Himself and a Hooker Watching Perverted Porn Scene Filmed in a Church

Nov 4 update:

Twitter is not even consistent about their censorship.

It’s now been a week or more since I deleted the political tweet that they didn’t like (re: Hunter Biden lap top) from my (Link): “Solo Loner” account, and when I did that, Twitter re-instated that account.

HOWEVER, my other (unrelated) Twitter accounts REMAIN SUSPENDED.

Twitter restored the problematic account, but not the “innocent” ones, and most of my other accounts include very little to ZERO political content.

I have accounts where all I tweet or comment on are photos of pretty landscapes, cake recipes – all very harmless stuff. THOSE accounts remain locked as of this day, even though I filed appeals with Twitter days and days ago to get them unlocked.

Since the 2020 election, I’ve seen Twitter’s double standards and selective suspension of accounts or tweets more clear than ever; Twitter is aiming squarely at conservatives, or anyone who questions the monkey business going on with ballots ((Link): such as and such as – there are many other examples, but I don’t want to link to them all).

Twitter isn’t doing this to liberals or Biden supporters, and yes, I’ve seen some libs and Biden voters engaging in the same rhetoric that is getting conservatives banned or suspended.

— April 2021 Updates —

Update (April 2021): The hacks who run twitter also don’t want you knowing that “Rachel” Levine is Really a Man Named Richard.

Recently, head hack and hypocrite of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, recently admitted before a Congressional hearing that it was wrong for his company to have censored the New York Post for having run headlines about Hunter Biden’s sleazy lap top.

(Link): Jack Dorsey is finally starting to admit Twitter’s censorship problem

CEO Jack Dorsey admits that Twitter made “a mistake” in censoring The Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. It’s a start.

(Link): Twitter CEO Says Blocking New York Post Hunter Biden Story Was ‘Mistake’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said his company’s decision to block a New York Post story on Hunter Biden in October 2020 was a “mistake,” but did not reveal who made the decision, in remarks at a House hearing on Thursday.

(Link): BOMBSHELL: The Dirty Secrets on Hunter Biden’s Laptop Have Been Revealed

(Link): Exclusive: What WASN’T in Hunter Biden’s Book: How he got unauthorized Secret Service protection, begged Joe to run for WH to salvage his own reputation and made porn films with prostitutes. Forensic experts prove laptop IS President’s son’s

— June 23, 2021 update —-

(Link): Did Joe inadvertently pay for Hunter Biden’s wild night at Chateau Marmont?


June 22, 2021
By Miranda Devine

Hunter’s escapades with Yanna [a prostitute Hunter Biden used in California]  are a glimpse into the president’s son’s debauched lifestyle, but it also raises questions about how much his finances were mingled with Joe Biden. As detailed in Hunter’s own text messages, two mysterious men would show up soon after Yanna left, asking curious questions.

(Link):  ‘We’re at your door, open it’: How ex-Secret Service agents swooped on Hunter after he accidentally paid Russian prostitute $25K after night at LA hotel on account ‘linked to dad Joe Biden’, reveals laptop


-Text messages and receipts show that Hunter Biden may have accidentally spent his father’s money on an escort in 2018, according to a report by the New York Post

-The woman’s name was Yanna, an escort from Emerald Fantasy Girls

-He had spent a number of nights in May, 2018 with the woman at Hollywood Hotel The Jeremy and owed her $8,000, according to the report

-Receipts on his laptop obtained by the Post show, however, that transactions he thought had failed started going through, leading to overcharges of $25,000

-Hunter would later get most of the money back, but he is soon contacted by someone identified as Robert Savage III, a former Secret Service agent

-Texts between the two indicate that Savage is concerned about an account related to ‘Celtic’ a code name for Joe Biden when he was vice president

—August 13, 2021—

(Link): EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Russians have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex!’ Hunter Biden is seen in unearthed footage telling prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole ANOTHER of his laptops

-Hunter Biden claims Russian drug dealers stole another one of his laptops for blackmail while he was drugged out in a Vegas hotel room in 2018
-Video obtained by shows Hunter with a naked hooker in 2019 after filming a sex tape and explaining how he believed his laptop was stolen
-Hunter left the camera rolling as he recounted a Las Vegas bender in which he spent ’18 days going round from penthouse suite to penthouse suite’
-The incident would mean Hunter lost a total of three computers, each likely to hold sensitive information on President Joe Biden
-The laptops contain embarrassing pictures, videos and communications of the president’s son
-‘They have videos of me doing this,’ he said, referring to the filmed sex he just finished. ‘They have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex f***ing, you know’

(Link): The media blackout of the Hunter Biden laptop story continues


by Jonathan Turley
Aug. 12, 2021

The media blackout on Hunter Biden’s laptop remains in force this week despite a major new development with the release of a videotape that purportedly shows Biden claiming that one of his laptops was stolen by Russians for blackmail purposes.

He allegedly recorded the statement after filming having sex with an alleged prostitute in a Las Vegas hotel. This is major news from any standpoint. Either the President’s son admitted that Russians have blackmail material on him or the media (or others) have created a fake videotape and falsely framed Biden.

One would expect, if it is the latter, that the Biden team will be announcing a lawsuit today.  However, like the coverage in most major news outlets, there are only the familiar sound of crickets.

— Sept 16, 2021 —

(Link): Twitter blocked Hunter laptop story after intel officials shared hack “rumors”

Twitter blocked a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop after U.S. intelligence officials shared “rumors” that Biden would be the target of a hack, an executive with the social media company told the Federal Election Commission.

Yoel Roth, the head of Twitter’s Site Integrity Team, cited the information from U.S. intelligence officials to justify Twitter’s decision to block access to a series of New York Post articles published in October detailing emails found on Biden’s laptop.

A conservative group filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing Twitter of giving an illegal campaign contribution to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign by blocking access to the articles.

— Feb 16, 2022—

(Link): Twitter allows hacked info of Canadian Freedom Convoy donors after suppressing Hunter Biden laptop story


By Joseph A. Wulfsohn | Fox News

 The tech giant has yet to enforce its own policies on those sharing the hacked data

Twitter appears to no longer be enforcing its “Distribution of hacked materials policy” when it comes to the recent hack of GiveSendGo revealing information of donors who gave money to the Canadian Freedom Convoy.

Members of the media on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border have been sharing names and how much money they contributed to the truckers who’ve been protesting Canada’s vaccine mandate, stemming from the recent data breach of the crowdfunding website.

“So, Here’s The GiveSendGo Donor List,” Canadian radio personality Dean Blundell tweeted with an article that includes a Google spreadsheet of all the names and email addresses swept up in the breach.

Both the CBC and the Ottawa Citizen shared articles including information that stemmed from the breach.

Washington Post investigative reporter Aaron Davis wrote a lengthy thread singling out the biggest donor and a map showing where the donations came from in the U.S.

Twitter outlines its policy of hacked material that is shared on its platform.

—March 2022—

(Link): The New York Times hates to say The Post told you so

By Michael Goodwin
March 17, 2022

Sometimes a newspaper story is just a story about someone. And sometimes the story inadvertently reveals far more about the newspaper itself.

That’s the case of The New York Times’ Thursday piece on Hunter Biden. What the discerning reader learns about the Times is far more important than anything disclosed about the president’s scheming son.

The one bit of actual news is that Hunter Biden took out a loan to pay the federal government as much as $1 million in back taxes as part of a continuing criminal probe about his business ventures with foreign corporations and individuals.

But that fact, which comes in the very first paragraph, is dwarfed by the Times’ bombshell acknowledgment later on. Much later on.

It’s not until the 24th paragraph that the story mentions e-mails involving Hunter Biden and his associates in those deals, followed by these two sentences: “Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.”

Heart be still. It took the Gray Lady nearly 17 months to grudgingly concede even a fraction of what New York Post readers learned in October 2020. Of course, Times readers would have learned all that too if their paper was still in the news business instead of being a running dog for Democrats.

The Post revealed those e-mails and many, many more after it came into possession of the contents of the same laptop’s hard drive. Post readers also know the Times was part of the Big Government, Big Tech and Big Media cabal that tried to hide those e-mails from the public during the 2020 presidential election.

The reason for that coverup was simple: Many of the e-mails to and from Hunter Biden implicated Joe Biden in the international influence-peddling business run by Hunter and Joe’s brother, Jim Biden.

If the whole country knew then that Joe Biden was corruptly using his office to help his family cash in, we would now be in the second year of Donald Trump’s second term. That’s a fact because 8% of Biden voters told pollsters they would have supported Trump had they known about the bombshell contents of the laptop.

But the Times, Facebook, Twitter, CNN and the deep state couldn’t let that happen. They had spent four years trying to drive Trump out of office, mostly by falsely alleging he had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. They were determined he would not get four more years.

(Link):  How Dem officials, the media and Big Tech worked in concert to bury the Hunter Biden story


by Kyle Smith
March 18, 2022

Everlasting, undying, soul-rending shame be upon you, Facebook and Twitter and Politico and all the others who covered up, denied and suppressed this newspaper’s true and accurate reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020. You should be hurling yourselves at the feet of the American people, begging forgiveness. You should be renting billboards saying, “WE LIED.”

But most importantly, you should be hauled before Congress to answer humiliating questions.

These and other information purveyors owe us — not just this paper, but this country — restitution for what now looks like the most egregious and willful fake-news scam of our time. This paper’s scoops on Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 were labeled “Russian misinformation” (Politico), a “hoax” (Steven Brill of “fact-check” site NewsGuard), discredited by “many, many red flags” (NPR) and a “hack and leak” operation that had to be throttled (Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg).

It was infamously snuffed out on Twitter, as was The Post’s Twitter account, because of a policy about hacked materials that only seemed to apply to this one case.

Twitter didn’t bar the New York Times’s stories about Donald Trump’s tax returns, which could have come from hacked materials for all we know, and almost certainly were the product of a criminal act (leaking tax returns is against the law), but the Times never even told us how it got the returns, so we don’t know.

The Post acted with transparency in explaining to readers how it got the Laptop from Hell. Moreover, nobody on Team Biden denied The Post’s report, because they knew or suspected it was true. …

— April 2022 —

(Link): Washington Post joins New York Times in finally admitting emails from Hunter Biden laptop are real


March 30, 2022
by Bruce Golding

The Washington Post on Wednesday became the second major news outlet to reverse course and admit that emails from the infamous Hunter Biden laptop are authentic — nine months after it obtained them and a year and a half after the New York Post first reported on them.

The paper said two security experts used cryptographic signatures from Google and other technology companies to validate nearly 22,000 emails from 2009 to 2019, including messages related to Hunter Biden’s controversial overseas business dealings.

Some verified emails involved a deal President Biden’s son pursued with the CEFC China Energy conglomerate for which he was paid nearly $5 million, according to the Washington Post.

Other verified emails related to his work for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, for which Hunter Biden was paid as much as $83,333 or a month, or $1 million a year.

…Following the expose, the Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” feature said the paper “has not been able to verify or authenticate these emails” and said there were “fears that the emails could be part of a broader disinformation campaign” by Russia.

Washington Post op-eds also called the emails “unverified” and said they “have never been authenticated,” and a news analysis dismissed the New York Post’s reporting as “sketchy.”

On Wednesday, the Washington Post said it was given a copy of the hard drive in June by Republican activist Jack Maxey, who previously worked as a researcher for the “War Room” podcast run by Steve Bannon, a former adviser to ex-President Donald Trump.

The paper said it spent months reviewing the data and making two copies of the hard drive so they could be analyzed by Matt Green, a Johns Hopkins University security researcher, and Jake Williams, a forensics expert and former National Security Agency operative.

Both experts concluded that the verified emails carried cryptographic signatures that would be hard to fake, even for the best computer hackers.

Earlier this month, the New York Times said it had obtained emails that appeared to have come from the laptop and which were authenticated by people familiar with them and the federal tax probe of Hunter Biden that he publicly acknowledged in December 2020.

The Times buried its verification of the emails in the 24th paragraph of a 38-paragraph story that said Hunter Biden had paid off a significant tax debt to the IRS, potentially making it harder for prosecutors to win a conviction or a long sentence against him for tax fraud.

(Link):  Elon Musk says suspending NY Post from Twitter was ‘incredibly inappropriate’

April 26, 2022
By Jesse O’Neill

Elon Musk said Twitter’s move to ban The New York Post’s exclusive story about Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings ahead of the 2020 presidential election was “obviously incredibly inappropriate.”

Musk, who made a massive bid to buy the social media platform, wrote his opinion Tuesday evening in response to reporter Saagar Enjeti, who tweeted a Politico article about how the social media company’s top lawyer was brought to tears when discussing its new ownership.

(Link): Elon Musk Weighs In On Twitter Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story During 2020 Election


April 26, 2022
By  Ryan Saavedra

… Musk weighed in on Twitter’s decision to censor an explosive story that was published by the New York Post about then-Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and a laptop that purportedly belongs to Hunter that is filled with content that was problematic for his father’s campaign.

“Vijaya Gadde, the top censorship advocate at Twitter who famously gaslit the world on Joe Rogan’s podcast and censored the Hunter Biden laptop story, is very upset about the @elonmusk takeover,” political commentator Saagar Enjeti wrote on Twitter.

 Musk responded a short time later, writing: “Suspending the Twitter account of a major news organization for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate.”

(Link): Here’s the 5 laptop reveals the GOP will want Joe and Hunter Biden to explain


April 27, 2022
By Carl Campanile,  Steven Nelson, Joshua Rhett Miller and  Bruce Golding

Congressional Republicans plan to open up five avenues of investigation into Hunter Biden and his infamous laptop — and they zeroed in Wednesday on one of the first son’s former business partners.

The minority members of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform are laying the groundwork for a probe that would get underway if the GOP gains subpoena power by wresting control from Democrats in the November elections, as many political experts expect.

Topping the list are the first son’s controversial overseas business dealings — some of which involved the state-controlled Bank of China and other companies tied to the Chinese government — and their potential impact on national security, a spokesperson said.

The Republicans also want to know if President Biden stood to make any “financial gain” or had a role in his son’s business affairs, as alleged by former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski.

—July 2, 2022—

(Link): Hunter Biden’s laptop had contacts for Google execs, US officials for China policy

—July 10, 2022—

(Link): Nickname on Hunter Biden’s Cracked Backup Raises All Sorts of Wild Questions


July 10, 2022

As RedState reported on Saturday night, hackers on 4Chan have cracked Hunter Biden’s iCloud backups. Multiple sources are now confirming they are real, and boy, do they contain some questionable stuff.

As you’d expect, the younger Biden’s porn addiction and general depravity are on display, and I won’t go into any more detail than that. We try to keep this site family-friendly, after all, but there was also a very interesting nickname in Hunter Biden’s text messages on his iPad.

The world wants to know: Who exactly is “Pedo Peter?”

(Link): 4Chan Users Are Leaking Info Allegedly From Hunter Biden’s iPhone and… Yikes…

July 10, 2022
by Matt Margolis

Hunter Biden’s laptop may soon be old news, as 4chan users claim to have cracked the password for a backup of his iPhone and iPad. They claim to have 450 gigabytes of data that is being leaked onto the site.

Due to the content filters I’ve placed on my home network, I can’t visit the site to peruse the leaked data, but Nick Arama at our sister site RedState has done so, and says that among the things that were leaked were Hunter’s passport, part of a Visa card, as well pictures of Hunter with Joe Biden, as well as “videos of a sexual nature, and alleged porn searches.”

But it gets worse. “On the iPad contacts and conversations, there was also an indication of conversations tagged with the name ‘Pedo Peter.’ It is not clear who Pedo Peter is referencing,” Arama reports. “There were a variety of conversations that were accessed that appeared to be conversations between various members of the Biden family.”

… According to the Washington Examiner, “It is not clear if this latest leak … is from the same account connected to the hard drive” of the previously verified laptop that Hunter Biden abandoned at a Deleware computer repair shop.

(Link): Hunter Biden’s iPhone backup data allegedly hacked by 4chan users

Members of the 4chan online community have allegedly hacked Hunter Biden’s iCloud backup data by cracking his iPhone’s password on Saturday.

… The Gazette reports that 4chan users were rapidly posting the alleged contents of Hunter’s iCloud account to the forum on Saturday night. Site administrators were rushing to take down or archive the posts as quickly as they went up.

—August 2022—

(Link): Zuckerberg Tells Rogan Facebook Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Story After FBI Warning

—November 2022—

(Link): Now CBS FINALLY wakes up and admits Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop IS REAL, 20 months after authenticated its contents and broke dozens of stories about his shady dealings – so why did it take them so long?

(Link): CBS News verifies Hunter Biden’s scandalous laptop two years after dismissing it

In 2020, CBS ’60 Minutes’ correspondent repeatedly said laptop couldn’t be verified

by Brian Flood
Nov 21, 2022

CBS News became the latest corporate media organization to confirm the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s scandal-plagued laptop on Monday, an about-face from the network that refused to take it seriously two years ago.

Hunter Biden’s laptop, first reported on with less than a month to go in the 2020 election by the New York Post, was widely dismissed as unreliable and even Russian disinformation by mainstream print and television outlets. In a shocking display of coordination, Twitter and Facebook blocked or limited sharing of the New York Post’s article on an email contained in the laptop; Twitter even locked the New York Post out of its account for weeks.

It has since been authenticated by multiple outlets, including The New York Times, Washington Post, NBC News and Politico, and CBS joined the group this week.

—December 2022—

Twitter Files Part 1

(Link):  Hunter Biden laptop bombshell: Twitter invented reason to censor Post’s reporting

(Link): REVEALED: Tweets deleted by Twitter at request of ‘Biden team’ DO appear to be photos of Hunter smoking crack from laptop – as pressure mounts on President to explain what he knew and when he knew it

(Link): THE TWITTER FILES: Elon Musk Exposes Twitter’s Suppression of Hunter Biden Laptop, Other Content

Dec 2, 2022

Twitter exploded when its new owner, Elon Musk, tweeted that he was going to reveal the truth about the social media giant’s push to silence the Hunter Biden laptop story in the final weeks of the 2020 election.

…Then Taibbi sent this to the hungry Twitter masses looking for answers:

Twitter took extraordinary steps to suppress the story, removing links and posting warnings that it may be “unsafe.” They even blocked its transmission via direct message, a tool hitherto reserved for extreme cases, e.g. child pornography.

Former White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany was locked out of her Twitter account for sharing the story, which resulted in a nasty email to Twitter from Trump campaign staffer Mike Hahn, who wrote, “at least pretend to care for the next 20 days.”

… Internal messages show that high-ranking Twitter execs used the “hacking” policy as a reason to squelch the story.

…Brandon Borrman, former VP of Global Comms, asked, “Can we truthfully claim that this is part of the policy?”

Actually, no. Taibbi’s tweet says it all: “To which former Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker again seems to advise staying the non-course, because ‘caution is warranted.’”

In other words, Twitter “didn’t know” if the Russians were magically able to find a guy who looks just like Hunter Biden, make a bunch of drug-porn videos, and write a bunch of emails to and from people around the world who were happy to give Hunter money for access to his dad.

According to Taibbi, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) was the only Democrat to express concern about the decision to shut down the laptop story.

Twitter Files Part 2

(Link): Twitter’s secret ‘blacklist’: Second tranche of bombshell internal files reveal conservatives were marked ‘do not amplify’ and COVID lockdown skeptics ‘shadow banned’ in a move staff called ‘visibility filtering’ to stop accounts and topics trending


December 8, 2022
by Harriet Alexander

Twitter kept a ‘secret blacklist’ of topics and accounts to prevent them from trending, according to data obtained by journalist Bari Weiss – with up to 200 ‘cases’ being dealt with a day by a special division within the company.

Conservative commentators such as Dan Bongino and Charlie Kirk were deliberately put on a ‘search blacklist’ – in the case of Bongino – or tabbed ‘do not amplify’, in the case of Kirk.

Those who questioned the prevailing COVID orthodoxy of lockdowns and mask mandates, such as Stanford’s Dr Jay Bhattacharya, who argued that lockdowns harmed children, were also placed on a ‘search blacklist’.

In October 2020, journalist Dave Rubin asked then-CEO Jack Dorsey: ‘Do you shadowban based on political beliefs? Simple yes or no will do.’

Dorsey replied: ‘No.’

Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s head of legal, policy, and trust, also denied that Twitter operated such blacklists.

‘We do not shadow ban,’ she said in 2018, according to Weiss – speaking alongside Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter’s head of product.

They added: ‘And we certainly don’t shadow ban based on political viewpoints or ideology.’

Weiss made the revelations on Thursday in the second tranche of what has been termed The Twitter Files.

Within Twitter, the practice was termed ‘visibility filtering’, Weiss reported.

‘Think about visibility filtering as being a way for us to suppress what people see to different levels. It’s a very powerful tool,’ one senior Twitter employee told her.

Twitter would block searches of individual users, make a specific tweet less easy to find, block posts from the ‘trending’ page, and remove them from hashtag searches.

Another source, a Twitter engineer, told Weiss: ‘We control visibility quite a bit. And we control the amplification of your content quite a bit. And normal people do not know how much we do.’

Weiss said that the matter was dealt with by Twitter’s Strategic Response Team – Global Escalation Team, known as SRT-GET – a group that handled 200 cases a day.

A higher-level team, known as SIP-PES, ‘Site Integrity Policy, Policy Escalation Support,’ dealt with more complex and high-profile cases.

Dorsey and his replacement as CEO, Parag Agrawal, sat on the group, as did Gadde and Yoel Roth, the global head of trust and safety.

The group would need to intervene if any action was taken to limit the popular account @LibsofTiktok – whose account was tabbed internally: ‘Do Not Take Action on User Without Consulting With SIP-PES.’

More information:

(Link): 11 Hacks, Leaks, And Hoaxes That Twitter And Facebook Didn’t Throttle — Because They Hurt Trump

(Link): Liberal website claims Facebook didn’t do enough ‘in its attempt to stop the Hunter Biden story’

(Link): Media Suppression Of The Hunter Biden Story Is A Bigger Scandal Than The Actual Story

(Link): Blocking content on social media may actually draw more attention to it

(Link): Quick and dirty thread exposes media dragging their feet on Hunter Biden stories as the ‘dishonest partisan hacks’ they are [screenshots]

(Link): Liz Cheney’s Husband Is Partner At Law Firm Representing Hunter Biden

(Link): WATCH: Alleged Biden Sex Tape BOMBSHELL (video embedded on The Blaze) – same content as below:

(Link): you tube video: Biden Sex Tape BOMBSHELL! 

The video embedded:

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(Link): Hunter Biden’s Search History Reveals His Obsession with Porn and Sex Fantasies Including ’18yrs old,’ ‘Lonely Widow’ and “MILF Crack Cocaine Porn,’ He Uploaded His OWN Amateur Videos 

(Link): The Growing Tide of Censorship & Suppression of Free Speech vis a vis Cancel Culture by Progressives, Democrats, Leftists, Big Tech

(Link): The Tweet Twitter Didn’t Want You To See, Regarding “Rachel”  Levine / Transgenderism

(Link): ‘WTF, Zuck?!’ Per Report, Over HALF of Online Recruitment in Active Sex Trafficking Last Year Took Place on Facebook

(Link): Richard “Rachel” Levine is a Biological Man Who Makes For One Unattractive Woman

(Link): Twitter Suspends User for Saying A Man Cannot Get Pregnant (May 2021)

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