Halloween Pole-Dancing Lawn Skeletons Deemed Too Risque’ For ‘Family-Friendly’ Block

Halloween Pole-Dancing Lawn Skeletons Deemed Too Risque’ For ‘Family-Friendly’ Block

Part of me doesn’t care if this woman wants to have pole-dancing skeletons as part of her Halloween decor, but another part of me finds this ‘trend’ of the last 20 or so years to sexualize EVERYTHING to be terribly annoying and not altogether good for society.

(Link): Woman refuses to remove pole-dancing skeletons and STRIP CLUB Halloween decorations from her Texas yard after HOA says they are ‘offensively positioned’

(Link): Halloween Pole-dancing Lawn Skeletons Deemed Too Risque’ For ‘Family-Friendly’ Block

By Hannah Frishberg
October 28, 2020 | 6:55pm

This woman doesn’t have any skeletons hiding in her closet — they’re all stripping on her front yard.

For Halloween this year, Richmond, Texas, resident Angela Nava created a skeleton strip club on her lawn.

The lusty outdoor venue — which Nava has named “The Candy Shop” — features skeleton strippers pole-dancing in wigs, bony customers getting lap dances and offering tips, and even a skeletal bouncer wearing shades and a baseball hat emblazoned with the word “SECURITY.”

And the scene is far from dead: Nava changes it up daily and plays music for about an hour around 8 p.m., she told ABC 13. 

[Many of her neighbors enjoyed the Halloween display, found it amusing] …But then Nava received a letter from her homeowner’s association on Sunday.

Her exotic dancers, the group said in so many words, were offensive and inappropriate for the family-friendly neighborhood, and Nava had 30 days to take them down, despite Halloween being this Saturday.

“I was a little sad,” she said of her reaction. She initially planned to comply and shut the scene down, “but then I got so much support off of Facebook and I said forget it.


Pole-dancing skeletons allowed to stay up through Halloween

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