Man Slammed For Eating a Takeaway Pizza While His Wife Gives Birth

Man Slammed For Eating a Takeaway Pizza While His Wife Gives Birth

I’m not opposed to motherhood, but, news stories like this goes to expose the propaganda put out by my fellow conservatives about how motherhood is so great, motherhood is worth it, etc.

I appreciate that the dude who snapped this photo may have felt he was being amusing, but it actually showed a cavalier and insensitive attitude towards what his wife was going through. He did not have to snap a photo of it AND post it to social media.

This alone is enough proof to dismiss the Christian complementarian arguments that God supposedly “put men in charge.”

I also think this shows that Fatherhood, contrary to propaganda from Al Mohler and other Pro-Family groups or persons, such as “Focus On the Family,” Bradford Wilcox, National Marriage Project, etc, does not make men more empathetic, godly, responsible, ethical, or mature.

(Link): Man Slammed For Eating a Takeaway Pizza While His Wife Gives Birth

A DAD-to-be has been slammed online after he shared a snap of himself eating pizza while his wife gave birth.

In the photo the bloke can be seen chowing down on a hot and spicy pepperoni pizza while his other half struggles with labour pains.

Captioning his snap he wrote, “It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno” referring to the American frozen pizza brand’s slogan.

The photo has since been shared on Reddit, where it left users outraged.

Commenting on the post, one wrote, “Casually eating pizza when your SO is in the middle of giving birth.”

Another added: “She’s is pain and he’s just I’m eat a pizza and drink beer and take a picture of you suffering.”

A third ranted, “This isn’t funny. The woman is obviously in a tremendous amounts of pain and I don’t think It’s appropriate to be making jokes.”
—- end —–

Yes, men need to eat during the 12 hours their wives are in labor, but how many of them are ass-hats and try to make a joke out of it by snapping their pizza in the foreground, while one can see their wife in physical pain in the background? Ass clown.

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