Nearly 1 in 10 Women Find Sex Painful, Study Finds

Nearly 1 in 10 Women Find Sex Painful, Study Finds

But Christian complementarians don’t care!

How do I know? Because in years past, any time I’ve seen male pastors or male Christians discuss sexuality issues on Christian shows on television, they’ve denoted that if a woman has “hang ups” about sex (because she was previously raped or sexually abused at some point in her life, even in childhood) – that is preventing her husband from having sex whenever he wants – that she should go see a therapist and get over it already.

These male pastors and male Christians convey that the married woman who has difficulty with sex in marriage because she is still dealing with past sexual trauma (i.e. rape or sexual abuse) needs to just shove it aside so she can have sex with her husband, because her husband is really horny and wants sex (again I must ask: have men, even Christian ones, never heard of masturbation?)

The emphasis with men, even Christian ones, is not the feelings and needs of the woman, but how the selfish ass hat men can get any and all the sex they want from their wives, their wives needs and concerns be dammed.

So I have no reason to believe that the sexist d-bags of the Christian world such as but not limited to Mark Driscoll, John Piper, John MacArthur, Pat Robertson, et al, would care if “one in ten women experiences pain during intercourse”

(Link): Nearly 1 in 10 Women Find Sex Painful, Study Finds


by D. Steingold

Being intimate is an important part of keeping a healthy relationship, but for some women, there’s nothing enjoyable about it. According to a recent British study, nearly one in 10 women find sex to be painful.

Researchers examined 6,669 sexually-active women, ranging from 16 to 74 in age. The authors found that 7.5% of those surveyed feel pain while making love, a phenomenon that is often concomitant with a host of other physical, psychological, and emotional issues, including fear of intercourse.

….Dyspareunia, the medical term for painful intercourse, was found to be most prevalent in two female age groups: those in their late 50s to early 60s, and those aged 16-to-24. In addition to anxiety over intercourse, researchers found a correlation between dyspareunia and other sexual problems, including vaginal dryness and a lack of sexual pleasure.

…While painful sex is sometimes due to inexperience— one earlier, unrelated study found that up to half of female virgins find their first bout of intercourse painful— it can also be a marker of serious maladies, including STDs, fibroids, and endometriosis.
The onset of painful sex can also signal that a woman is going through menopause.


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